Plant Communication: New Study Finds Plants Emit Sound When Stressed

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Interesting new story about a study done in Israel. This reminds me of how some people think that saying nice things to plants has a positive effect as well. The evidence has been increasing for some time that plants are much more sophisticated than many people think.

“… a recent study showcases … “plant communication” in the form of sound waves. Researchers at Tel Aviv University in Israel, led by Itzhak Khait, studied tomato and tobacco plants, subjecting them to various conditions including drought and damage. They set up a recording system with microphones capable of picking up the ultrasonic sound range, from 20 to 150 kilohertz (which humans cannot hear).

What they found was that, when deprived of water or cut, the plants emitted ultrasonic sound at various frequencies within this range. The researchers recorded sounds about 10 cm from the plants, which according to the study means they “could be detected by some organisms from up to several meters away.”

The plants would produce different sounds depending on the type of stress they were subjected to. Using a machine learning algorithm, they were even able to identify plants based solely on the sounds they made.”

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