Politifact unintentionally exposes the double standard between “COVID deaths” and COVID vaccine death counts

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by APureSp1r1t

Politifact gives the following reason for why vaccine related deaths are not skyrocketing over the last month even though thousands of people are reporting their loved ones dying soon after getting the vaccine.

“If you take a group of 10 million people over the age of 65, how many would be expected to die in a period of two months? That number is not trivial,” she said. “And because of all the publicity about the vaccines, any death following the vaccine is likely to raise suspicion, even if the person who died was 88 years old and was diabetic, a smoker, and already had had a couple of heart attacks.”

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HAHAHAHA this is such bullshit. So England can count everyone who dies as a COVID death as long as they tested positive with a suspect PCR test in the last 28 days but if someone dies within a few days of getting the vaccine it’s totally due to comorbidities or something. Sure…




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