Pope Francis is still unwell and has postponed all official audiences for Friday, the Vatican confirms without detailing his sickness

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  • Francis has scrapped an audience with Microsoft, IBM and other tech executives
  • Yesterday he called off an appearance at a Mass with other clergymen in Rome
  • The Vatican says he is ‘slightly unwell’ but has offered no details on his illness 
  • Italy is facing Europe’s worst coronavirus crisis, though few cases are in Rome 

Pope Francis is still feeling ‘slightly unwell’ and has cancelled his official audiences today, the Vatican has said.

The 83-year-old pontiff has scrapped an audience with tech chiefs including Microsoft and IBM executives today – a day after calling off an appearance at a Mass in Rome.

Francis had appeared to have a cold during an Ash Wednesday service at the Vatican earlier this week.

The Vatican has offered no details on the nature of the pope’s illness, except to say that he had a ‘slight indisposition’.



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