Pope Francis Schedule for His US Visit, Warning On the Coming Deception

Beware of the coming deception!
Pope Francis will visit Washington, New York and Philadelphia this month during his
first trip to the United States. On Thursday, the Archdiocese of Washington announced
a parade route that would allow people to see the pope without a ticket.
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10 thoughts on “Pope Francis Schedule for His US Visit, Warning On the Coming Deception”

  1. I urge everyone: take heed, and steady yourselves as we stand on the brink of tribulation.
    Hello. My name is Doctor Lucian Guardian. I have had a storied career in the sciences, having worked for several governments, and ultimately, for the Holy See. But, you see, there are many shadows within the Papal City, shadows which mask the listeners, shadows which mask the sayers, and shadows which mask the doers of evil incarnate. Were it not for the timely assistance of my laboratory aide, a young misfigured boy named Bulli, I would be just one more stack of bones on which history is recorded.
    In April of 1983, I was working on a deep space project of observation and cataloging. In tandem with another astronomer, Doctor Reechard Carnello, we had completed the main or conventional Messier objects, and had moved into a random sampling of apparently empty sectors. However, our plate comparison for the nights of 15 thru 21 April revealed something unusual. And, having spent the next several months studying this object (luminosity, albedo, spectral return, velocity, etc.) and were aghast to learn that this object, while compliant with the general kinematic theory of Newton, was not operating under a First Law condition; that is, there were definite changes in velocity, such that the resultant acceleration dictated the application of some external force!
    What we took to be a general brecchia was shed, as a serpent might shed it’s scales, and an object of unmistaken metal was reveraled to us. Using, by standing agreement, the nuclear pumped laser at Lawrence Livermore Laboratories, we scanned the body surface, and ended the transmission with binary pulse arrangement, coding a series of prime values, the Fibonacci expansion, and then the rudiments of english. Only 11 days later we were startled to note a pulse laser illumination from the object; we do not think we copied the entire message, but what we are able to see and record were chilling indeed.
    The object, which had been nicknamed the Horn Of Dannius, had altered it’s trajectory to achieve a radial inbound direction towards the earth, and was actually rather much closer than we had first calculated. The message that we did copy was translated as:
    ” …arrival. We are the Phusians. We are your masters. We are your god. We are your father. We come to home. We come to take that planet. We come to take our property. You must obey. You must prepare our arrival. You must have all devices and {unclear} prepared. Do not fear. Obey. Do not panic. Obey. Do not resist. Obey. Do not perish. Obey. We are the Phusians. Obey.”
    Reechard and I briefed the director of science and technology for the Vatican on 28 Aug, and I still retain my working notes. There had been, apparently, a parallel team working on a similar assignment. In any case, there had been a report of the Horn provided ten days earlier by another team. Once all technical aspects of the object had been provided orally and in our precis, we were cordially thanked, and informed that our contract was terminated with full bonus for early separation. We were made to sign a series of documents regarding non-disclosure, ownership rights, etc., and asked to stay for two more days so that the Pontiff himself could thank us. On the second morning, I was awaken at 2:00 AM by a rude shaking from the claw like deformed hand of my aide, Bulli. He was able to grunt enough, despite his clear agitation, that I must go with him now without delay. He spirited me out of the hotel, down a series of allies, and ultimately into a very humble tumbledown on the outskirts of the Palazzio de Santorini. Here he informed me that Reechard had been found dead…an unfortunate accident in which he apparently cut his own throat from ear to ear while shaving. Reechard wore a full beard.
    The Horn of Dannius was marked for earth encounter in month of September 2015, and although I do not have instruments nor connections to track it, I believe this to still be the case. I have tried, delicately, to stay connected to others who may have visibility to this object, and have been told that the flurry of space plane and special US Air Force experimental space craft activity is all connected with Horn of Dannius and an attempt to contact the Phusians. The same contact reported to tme that one of these craft – manned – returned to earth with the two man crew transformed into little more than insane primates; a separate craft never returned. And, this is why the activity to restore operations to Cheyenne mountain, and many of the other unusual global events, are in swing.
    I disappear again now! But, either dismiss this as the ravings of a madman, or prepare. Prepare to live. I do not think the Phusians are here as emissaries of good will.

    • Revelation says something evil this way comes, who knows by what name they will be called. They are demonic and deserve the lake of fire, into which they will one day be cast. I beg anyone that has not given their life to Jesus to not delay any longer as the days grow darker.

  2. Oh please, why did I just waste 7 minutes of my life listening to Dahboo7? Complaining that because a Head of State is visiting the US, there’s security in place, including a ban on flying drones–oh, how outrageous! Next thing you know, they’ll even be blocking traffic in those places where the Pope is passing through! Obviously this constitutes a complete violation of our Constitutional rights, blah blah zzzzzzzz….
    IWB can do better than this.

  3. The Catholic Church is the church the Bible warned about. Amazing people flock to this church even after thousands of priest raped little boys. Just like another ME religion.

  4. It should be clear to Americans that this is an UN Meeting and should anything happen to this Pope, Barrack Hussein Obama would be more than happy to take away guns at a moments notice by the hands of the UN!!!! Hussein Obama will gladly say that the UN supersedes the U.S. Constitution!!!


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