SKY News Finds Soros Open Society Org "Handbook For New Euro Immigrants" Being Given To Muzzie Invaders!

Jonathon Samuels, a SKY News reporter currently on Lesbos, Greece, showed a handbook that Muslim “Immigrants”/Invaders are being given before they leave for Europe.
The “Rough Guide”, being printed and Distributed by the Soros “Open Society” group “W2eu” or “Welcome to the EU”, contains maps, tips, and phone numbers of organizations and government welfare agencies that could help them, once they arrive in Europe.
W2eu’s website says “We welcome all travellers on their difficult trip and wish you all a good journey – because freedom of movement is everybody’s right!”.
The Soros-funded Leftists have been preaching for well over two decades that the people of the “Third World” are entitled to the wealth of the white World, because it was stolen from them.
The Barbarians are now at the Gates, and they want their FREE SCHIT, folks.
G’bye Europe, it was nice knowin’ ya’.


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11 thoughts on “SKY News Finds Soros Open Society Org "Handbook For New Euro Immigrants" Being Given To Muzzie Invaders!”

  1. Soros is a devil of destruction. if he has billions why does he not host some immigrants in one of his palaces. He is a NWO supporter. These are destructive rats that have money and only want one little country to advance while destroying all others.

  2. Well I do not believe that Soros was wrong. All people of this earth are entitled to share its griefs and sorrows, as well as its bounty. . I object to someone who wrote that stupid article calling it “white world”. It is not there are no races on the planet Earth just human beings.

    • “All people of this earth are entitled to share its griefs and sorrows, as well as its bounty”
      So does that mean that they are free to travel to and impose themselves on another nation, and help themselves
      to (unearned) wealth created by others? Because that’s exactly what this is all about.
      And I agree…it’s not just a White world.
      However, the best civilizations in the world are the ones created by Whites. In case you haven’t noticed, it’s always
      non-Whites who are trying to get into White nations. NEVER the other way around.

        • “All people have something to offer to the world community”
          Does that include blacks too? Because I personally don’t consider robbery, murder, rape and destruction—all of which you inevitably encounter at high levels wherever there are blacks in large numbers– to be a contribution.
          BTW, I imagine you are getting ready to personally welcome
          several of these “refugees” into your home, right? If not then STFU already.

        • The nations with the highest levels of civilization and prosperity were built by White Europeans. That’s a simple fact. And it’s
          funny how all through nature we encounter different species of animals, and several sub-species within them, and yet according to you this does not apply to humans in the least! What planet do
          you live on?

  3. The last phase of the implementation of the NWO agenda is finally at hand. Destabilize and create chaos in order to destroy and break down the national states of Europe, then when people in despair demands something to be done, present the “solution”, the New World Order, aka One World Government.

  4. Putin and the KGB is behind the handbook. Putin is angry at Soros and the west over Ukraine and is flooding Europe with 3rd world migrants. Putin even has a smuggling route through Russia to bring migrants from Africa to northern Europe

    • Look into the Open Society Foundation’s goals, they financed the Black Lives Matters protest in Ferguson as well. They aren’t shy about telling you they’re trying to erase borders either.


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