SKY News Finds Soros Open Society Org "Handbook For New Euro Immigrants" Being Given To Muzzie Invaders!

Jonathon Samuels, a SKY News reporter currently on Lesbos, Greece, showed a handbook that Muslim “Immigrants”/Invaders are being given before they leave for Europe.
The “Rough Guide”, being printed and Distributed by the Soros “Open Society” group “W2eu” or “Welcome to the EU”, contains maps, tips, and phone numbers of organizations and government welfare agencies that could help them, once they arrive in Europe.
W2eu’s website says “We welcome all travellers on their difficult trip and wish you all a good journey – because freedom of movement is everybody’s right!”.
The Soros-funded Leftists have been preaching for well over two decades that the people of the “Third World” are entitled to the wealth of the white World, because it was stolen from them.
The Barbarians are now at the Gates, and they want their FREE SCHIT, folks.
G’bye Europe, it was nice knowin’ ya’.