Portland burns AGAIN…

  • Antifa protesters set fires and damaged property during demonstration outside Federal Courthouse in Portland
  • Federal agents reportedly deployed teargas and pepper balls in a bid to disperse the unruly mob 
  • The protesters were reportedly demonstrating against ICE, however they have been staging often-violent demonstrations in the city on-and-off for months
  • Last summer, protests in Portland frequently descended into riots, with the Federal Courthouse having to be boarded up to prevent further damage 

Antifa protesters have burned American flags and clashed with cops outside the Federal Courthouse in downtown Portland.

The ugly scenes occurred Thursday evening, as dozens of the far-left protesters assembled in the area for a demonstration against Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

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The Courthouse has already been boarded up with plywood after sustaining damage during destructive protests last summer, but shocking video shared to Twitter shows all remaining uncovered windows were smashed during the latest demonstration.

‘Anti ICE protesters gather. A few of the remaining uncovered windows have been broken. An American flag burns in front of the door,‘ local journalist Garrison Davis wrote beneath a video shared on Twitter. 

Several other demonstrators set fire to the plywood outside the building, prompting federal agents to deploy teargas and smoke bombs in a bid to push the protesters back towards a park.

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Earlier in the day, Antifa activists attempted to break in to a Chase bank where a security guard pulled a gun on the protesters.

The demonstrators were targeting those funding a controversial oil pipeline between the Canadian province of Alberta to Superior, Wisconsin.



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