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by shadow332
Earlier today, a google whistleblower showed up in a thread on 4chan pol and gave quite a bit of info. Could be a larper, could be legit, see for yourself. Here’s a summary:
First directly from him:

I work for Google, I’m not going to name the internal tech department for obvious reasons, I don’t want anyone to pinpoint who I am. But I’m in tech, and work with AI. I’ll explain.
My team and I created AI bots for twitter. These bots are slightly different than regular AI bots, these are remote signal bots, but I’ll explain what they do.
My team, and a “human intelligence” team, which is really just a propaganda team, work together to make certain topics trend, and persuade public opinion, which persuades political pressure. We do this by a groupthink method, we have a name for it internally, but “consensus cracking” is a more used name externally. But the bots we created, go into twitter conversations and push a narrative. Some of the bots are verified accounts. And they start by arguing a point of view against someone, and then more bots join in and thumbs up the comment. We are doing it with gun control now. More people see a “consensus” of gun control and people on the fence get persuaded to our narrative, and politicians get pressured by thinking it’s actual people. We had whole meetings about 4chan, because you guys, specifically this board, are disrupting the bots. You are basically doing what we are doing, but you are real people. We (not necessarily me) devised a plan to knock you guys from twitter. We accused Russia of doing what WE are doing, and used the narrative to wipe out “suspected bots”, which we knew weren’t bots at all.

  • Google is using twitter bots to push narratives to persuade the government.
  • Google accused conservatives of being bots so they could ban them, even though they knew they aren’t bots. The strategy was to blame others for using your own technique.
  • Google is also using these fabricated twitter numbers are financial reporting, which effects stocks and advertising revenue.
  • Google also broke anti-trust laws by only allowing “google voice” to be the only free SMS to validate accounts.
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More direct quotes from him:

Try an experiment. Keep thinking about something you want to google, but make sure it’s something you’ve never googled before. And still don’t google it, just think about it everyday. Just google other things that you want to google. Then go on Facebook a week or 2 later, and whatever you were thinking about has an 87% chance to pop up on your Facebook feed. We have algorithms that figure out your future google searches with 87% accuracy. And we also found out we were predicting things that people were embarrassed to google or shop for.
I bet you don’t know about H.O.R.U.S. 🙂 But you will. It will change the world. Literally. Catastrophes and plagues will no longer be a problem, we will know exactly how to fix it. It’s not something you can search, it’s not public yet.


Riot games used ai software to inflate user activity to boost stock prices. Tencent Holdings company.

(I will keep adding info to this post as I get it)
On using a VPN for Google searches:

We also have algorithms that can figure out if the same person is using different VPNs. The best way to trick it would use the same vpn for a week, then change it for week, then go back for a week. Any other way, you’ll get figured out. There’s no way to bypass it. Unless you literally used a different phone every week. And even that usually don’t work, because people visit the exact same sites, like your Facebook page. Unless you use a different source every time and NEVER visit unique pages. And nobody does that because it would defeat the purpose of the internet in most cases

Important clues:
The name “Sung Chung”

4 kids, Nigerian wife, grew up in Baltimore, graduated from NYU, went to Columbia grad school. Perhaps this isn’t doxxing at all. Some of you will understand, some won’t.
I shouldn’t even have said “remote signal AI”, that narrows the fuck down immensely. Only one department here uses that term.

He writes this to a bot who doesn’t see the code:

You do get paid, I’ll prove it:

He says again to wait for this name.

I can prove it’s not a larp, save this thread and wait for about a week or so, you will here the name “Sung Chung” in the news.
It’s the truth. We might start by arguing with Trump. This is why Trump is allowed to stay on twitter no matter what ToS he breaks. Look up “consensus cracking”.

One “remote signal bots:

All the bots are controlled at once. Remote signal is just a name, it has nothing to do with a remote signal. It’s one program, that runs multiple bots. The bots are a “groupthink network”.
I hate all this bullshit. Just like Putin getting framed by the U.K. because they think it will hurt him in the election. I mean come on, why would Putin use the only nerve agent made in Russia to kill someone? They think it will hurt him in the election, but it will probably have the opposite effect, so why not just let the will of the people decide without any distractions.
For instance, the reason Confederate statues were ripped down, is because of social media. That’s just an example. It saying I agree or disagree with it, but if social media didn’t exist, it would have never happened. Same with gun laws or anything else.
The thread isn’t important, but when you see the name, you’ll know what Google is doing and all you have to do is expose it. We’re in bed with the government.

Link to original post?
There are two other previous threads linked in there. I tried to summarize everything from all 3.

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