Powell: Don’t Pay Off Debt, Just Make Economy Grow Faster! Maximum Irrational Exuberance

The unbelievable insanity of the Fed. They may in some cases acknowledge the debt problems, the deficits, longer term issues. But they will never actually admit what’s really important right here and now. Either way, this was an interesting video, showing different central bankers and how their words do in fact match up with what we’ve talked about here before. It’s just unfortunate they will never be willing to admit their wrongdoings. The people suffer because of their actions.

Yellen: “What’s going on right now, reminds me a lot of 2015, 2016.”


Janet Yellen, Ben Bernanke, and Jerome Powell have all discussed the problems of what we are facing today. Now obviously, they don’t see the problems that we do. They don’t highlight the internal risk. They generally stick to issues that are further out into the future, or those that exist outside the borders. Either way, they’ve pointed to the problems and there’s no chance this won’t end in failure. Trying to sustain a global economy on purely debt, rising deficits, and unbelievable wealth inequality, is impossible to sustain. 2008 brought some issues to light but the stink was covered up with a spray of Febreze. Not good.


Yellen: ‘Good reason to worry’ about US economy sliding into recession


Powell’s Fantasy: The Economy Should Grow Faster Than Debt


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