Protect your privacy and increase your internet speeds with this simple change

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Cloudflare recently released a privacy-first DNS alternative that they promise is more secure and faster than any other DNS alternative. They are also a free-speech friendly company based on my own research which included calling their customer support and simply asking them about their policies.

The reason this DNS service is faster than the competition is because of the ubiquity of Cloudflare’s content delivery network which has massive amounts of bandwidth and servers around the world.

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While Cloudflare needs to initially cache DNS queries you send to it in order to provide faster name reslution, they promise to delete all queries sent to its servers and any logging of usage after 24 hours. They even hired an audit firm to prove to its users they do not keep logs.

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They are also planning to roll out secure DNS, which will encrypt your DNS queries to further improve your browsing privacy.

I just set this up for myself and have noticed an immediate improvement in browsing.

Read more about the service here:

Here’s a video about it:


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