Putin Address on Military Situation in Ukraine and Fallen Russian Soldiers — English Subtitles

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The mainstream media refuses to report this to everyone and when they do report it, unfortunately, they never report it accurately. How are we to gauge the situation properly when we are only given one side of the situation? They have basically shut off any connection between the world and Russia.


Look I’m not here to argue who’s in the right & who’s in the wrong or who did what. I made a comment the other day when people were saying Russia was shelling this and shelling that.

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“Can you see WHO is doing the shelling? No. You see some video of a shell landing wherever & Ukraine officials saying “That was Russia”. Then the MSM blasts that all over the airwaves based on hearsay & inconclusive video evidence. If there is a smoking gun that proves this was done by Russian forces, then by all means, they should be held accountable for their actions, that just hasn’t been the case so far. Listen to the reporting- Ukraine officials say this, Ukraine officials say that, Ukraine says, Ukraine says, Ukraine says. They have blocked the opposing voices. Everyone knows there is ALWAYS 2 sides to every story, how can you accurately gauge the situation when all you hear is “Ukraine says”? Of course, EVERYONE will side with Ukraine because that’s ALL the media is reporting. Ukraine is one of the MOST corrupt states in Europe, that is a fact. If you say otherwise, you are lying to yourself then, I would be skeptical about how I triage my thoughts/opinions – When all you have to go off of is “Ukraine says”

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I’m just trying to be logical here.

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