Putin sends NUCLEAR BOMBERS over Belarus to signal support for Lukashenko

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Vladimir Putin has sent nuclear bombers over the skies of Belarus as migrants on the Polish border try to flee towards Britain and escape alleged beatings from Alexander Lukashenko’s soldiers. Two supersonic Tu-22M3 bombers performed ‘tasks of combat alert for air defence’ in support of the Belarus leader, the Russian defence ministry said in response to the rising tensions on the border…

Migrant ‘veterans’ had been handpicked and flown to Belarus between July and September. According to the former ambassador, the migrants were trained at a base near the village of Opsa, in north-west Belarus, which was carried out with the help of Belarus’s special forces from the ‘Marjina Horka’ brigade. He continued that the brigade had fought in Afghanistan in the 1980s with advisers from Russia’s ‘GRU’ military intelligence.

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So, these aren’t poor refugees, they’re trained soldiers. This is war.



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