Putin’s Rise to Power and His Fight Against The Russian Oligarchs.

by Ian Shilling

When Putin came to power in December 1999 Russia was COMPLETELY controlled by the Oligarchs.

There were NO billionaire Oligarchs in Russia prior to the 1991 collapse of the USSR.
The Russian Oligarchs were created by Bill Clinton’s puppet Yeltsin, the Harvard School, Goldman Sachs, Larry Summers & “Shock Doctrine”, which also caused the 1998 Russian Currency Crisis, the 40% COLLAPSE in GDP and severe economic hardship among the great majority of ordinary Russians.

Average Life Expectancy massively fell by 5 years under Yeltsin, due to a massive rise in alcoholism, increased poverty and suicide.
The Birth Rate collapsed.
Unemployment massively increased.
Organized Crime was rampant with the Russian Mafia running wild.
Russia was extremely corrupt with the Oligarchs and the Mafia owning every politician – both local and national.

These were the “Good Times” in Russia according to Western propagandists.
Ordinary Russians will tell you something quite different.

The Harvard Boys Do Russia

The Oligarchs thought they could own and control Putin just like they owned and controlled Yeltsin, so they let him become President in December 1999 when Yeltsin was forced to resign.

Putin figured out the only way he could possibly regain control of his now totally lawless and extremely corrupt country and thus enable an economic recovery for ordinary Russians, was to divide & conquer the Oligarchs. So he made them an offer.
He said if you don’t interfere in domestic politics against me & don’t do anything too criminal from now on, I won’t go after you.

So about half the Oligarchs accepted Putin’s offer (e.g. Abramovich, Deripaska etc.) and about half didn’t. The ones that didn’t either got jailed for massive corruption & fraud (e.g. The Yukos CEO Khodorkovsky) or went into exile to the UK (Berezovsky & several others).

How would you have gone about regaining control of Russia if you were Putin?

It was an extremely tough fight against the Oligarchs – they had all the money, owned all the media, controlled the senior officials in the Russian national government and most of the regional politicians – mayors, provincial governors, local councils etc. They even owned and controlled the Police.

So Russia in 1999 was much like the US & UK are now – an undemocratic Oligarchy who own and control all the politicians and all of the media. Except the Mafia was much stronger and the crime rate much higher in Russia in 1999.

Watch this very informative documentary (I learned a lot I did not previously know from it):-
The Rise of Putin and His Fight Against the Russian Oligarchs (1/2)

The Rise of Putin and His Fight Against the Russian Oligarchs (2/2)

It is very difficult to find out what actually went on in Russia during Putin’s early years (and during Yeltsin) because there was so much disinfo propaganda put out by the West (just as there is now).
And the now Western controlled Russian ex-pats don’t want people in the West to find out about their past criminal activities in Russia, that made them into billionaires.

The above documentary is the best source of information I have found. The veracity of the information is confirmed by disparate other sources.

The Russian Oligarchs who went into exile became assets of Western Intelligence.
Several of the Oligarchs, like Berezovsky, went to London, and became assets of MI6. The UK government under Tony Blair encouraged this.
The Oligarchs had to basically do whatever the UK government ordered them to do. They would no longer be allowed to stay in England, or a considerable amount of their assets wold be seized on corruption or extortion charges, if they upset the British government by not following orders.

Their senior minions went with the Oligarchs – they could hardly stay in Russia. They would be arrested for corruption, extortion and their multiple murders if they had stayed in Russia.
These were people like ex-KGB Litvinenko, who after the break up of the USSR joined the Russian Mafia and then hooked up with Berezovsky. Litvinenko continued being a Berzovsky organized criminal in exile, in England.

The Political Agitators who had been bankrolled by these Oligarchs in Russia were also exiled to the West – people like Garry Kasparov. These agitators either continued being bankrolled by the exiled Russian Oligarchs or started working directly for the CIA or the US State Department (via one of its multiple “NGO” cut outs like the NED).

The Russian Oligarchs and their political agitators wanted revenge on Putin who had ousted them from power in Russia.
They used their immense wealth to stir up trouble for Putin in Russia, with the strong encouragement of MI6 and the CIA.

Even the Oligarchs who accepted Putin’s deal, decided they had better get some insurance in the West.
Roman Abramovich who was appointed by Putin as Governor of Chukotka (Siberia) in 2001 (and didn’t resign until 2008) bought Chelsea Football Club in 2003 to ingratiate himself into the British Establishment and the British media.
Other Oligarchs bought expensive properties in the West and set up or took over companies in the West.
Large amounts of money left Russia from both the billionaire Oligarchs and their multi-millionaire Lieutenants, lots of it laundered through Cyprus and Switzerland to avoid taxes.

Russian Oligarch Oleg Deripaska (who has featured in the current Russiagate Hoax) is a Rothschild agent – he’s not aligned with Putin. Putin tolerates him because he can’t fight everyone at the same time.

Globalist Russian Oligarch Oleg Deripaska has close connections to Nat Rothschild & Peter Mandelson. Possible connections to George Osborne and John McCain

Nat Rothschild helped Deripaska get a US Visa in 2004.

Must watch video:
Vladimir Putin owns Globalist Russian Oligarch Oleg Deripaska who has close ties to Nat Rothschild and Peter Mandelson

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As previously mentioned, Litvinenko worked for ex-pat Russian Oligarch Boris Berezovsky in England.
His death from plutonium poisoning in 2006 was blamed by the British Establishment (without any evidence) on the Russian government, but not all is that which it seems.
Traces of plutonium were found in Berezovsky’s offices – how did it get there?
I believe that Litvinenko was murdered by MI6 to shut him up after a nuclear smuggling operation involving Berezovsky and Israel/Mossad went wrong. (One of Litvinenko’s many criminal activities for Berezovsky.).

Revisiting Litvinenko, What Really Happened?

The above article also contains details of Berezovsky and Khodorkovsky’s connections to the Bush Crime Family and  Dick Cheney.

Litvinenko’s father initially believed the Russian government had murdered his son, but has since changed his mind and now believes he was murdered by British Intelligence.

Litvinenko U-Turn: Father pleas to Putin for return

I also believe that Berezovsky was murdered in 2013 by MI6 to stop him from talking.

So does Boris Berezovsky’s daughter:

BOMBSHELL! Berezovsky’s Daughter: British Intelligence Eliminated My Father To Prevent Him Leaking

Roman Abramovich also has close business connections to the Rothschilds, see e.g. this:

The £5 billion reason Nat Rothschild knifed his friend George Osborne in the back

Putin is still fighting an extremely tough war against a number of powerful enemies:

The Western aligned “Atlanticists” who still have significant numbers within the Russian government and who are allies of Prime Minister Medvedev.

The Russian Oligarch ex-pats who want revenge on Putin for ousting them from power

The entire Western Establishment, intelligence services, media and the Neocons, who want to Regime Change Putin and Balkanize Russia, because Putin has made Russia an independent State and not a vassal of the US Empire.

Putin’s Russia has also staged a remarkable economic recovery.
Something the Neocons, the US Empire and Western Powers do not like at all – they want to keep Russia weak.

The Saker: No Fifth Column in the Kremlin? Think Again!

The Saker: Putin’s Biggest Failure – Not Removing The Russian 5th Colmnists

Russia’s remarkable economic recovery under Putin and a comparison to the Neoliberal Corporate Oligarchy, Goldman Sachs controlled US, EU and Ukraine

Putin’s Russia is now engaged in a major Geopolitical battle with the declining US Empire.
Putin and Russia want a peaceful transition into the new multi-polar world.
The Neocons who want “Full Spectrum Dominance” across the entire planet have other ideas.

The overt Neocon aggression against Russia since the unilateral cancelling of the Anti Ballistic Missile Treaty by GW Bush and John Bolton in 2002, and NATO expansion from 1999 (contrary to the promise made to Gorbachev by HW Bush in 1990 that NATO “would not expand one inch to the East”), the recent Neocon Wars and Regime Change Ops in the Middle East, and the nonsensical and baseless claims around “Russiagate” have seen Russia and China forced to become joined at the hip partners to counter US aggression.

The Neocons are so stupid they have managed to undo what US Policymakers strived to do for 50 years after WW2 – keep Russia and China apart!

Geopolitics – China, Russia and the end of American Hegemony

Compendium of Important Articles on Geopolitics, The Neocon Wars, Globalism, The Russiagate Hoax and Civil Rights Abuses

Putin’s famous 2007 Speech at the Munich Security Conference, warning that US aggression was driving the world towards nuclear war


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