You need to do 47 hours of minimum wage work today to get the same amount of purchasing power as 40 hours of work in 2009. — The erosion of the minimum wage.

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by User_Name13

How come the corporate media never mentions or factors inflation into the lives of regular people? They completely ignore it as if it doesn’t exist at all.

If you aren’t getting a 2% raise every year to account for inflation than you are actually getting a paycut, because your wage is not keeping up with the increased cost in living.

It’s pretty obvious yet whenever you hear the issue of minimum wage come up in the corporate media, the cold, hard reality of inflation is never accounted for.

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Working at the minimum wage, the average American would have to work 47 hours in a week to earn the same amount of money that they would have earned by working just 40 hours in 2009.

That is completely fucked and it’s something that is not discussed nearly enough.

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What we have in the United States is the perfect recipe for wage slavery, which is the order of the day.

This is why it kills me whenever I hear some Boomer telling me about how they paid for college with their summer job, back when college was practically free and the minimum wage was actually a livable wage.



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