R.I.P. Clown World

by BidensAlzheimerMeds

More and more people wake up every day thanks to the dedicated efforts of a dedicated group of truth seekers.

We’re reaching critical mass and TPTB are doing everything they can to extinguish the sparks that will ignite humanity

They’ll do everything they can to attack and undermine every action you take. Stay steady.

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Charlie Rose: “What is the New World Order?” Henry Kissinger: “You start by converting the whole world to our political philosophy. (Collectivism)”

The end of Individualism. The end of freedom.


When the term New World Order became a political liability, it was replaced with ‘global governance’, now the ‘Great Reset’

Similarly, ‘global warming’ switched to ‘climate change’

and ofc, ‘eugenics’ to ‘population control’

Same pattern, agenda, and ppl weaponizing language.


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