Rand Paul brings some common sense and logic to the Russian/2016 election discussion in an interview on CNN. (10:29 long)

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Paul really brings some sanity to the discussion talking about what really should be done with the knowledge that the Russians may have messed with our election. He also brought up an interesting reason why they may have done it. He shoots down the irrational talking point that Trump should demand the extradition of the Russians and gives good reasons why. Then he discusses why he voted against nato and talks about nato. I found it very interesting

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Rand: 81 times the U.S. interefered with others elections.

Host: It sounds as though you are saying that the United States has done the equivalent of what the Russians did in the 2016 election, and in might sound to some viewers, that you’re offering that statement as an excuse for what the Russians did.

Rand: No, what I would say is it not morally equivalent, but I think in their mind it is. and I think it’s important to know in your adversaries mind they way they perceive things. I do think they react to our interference in both their elections, one of the reasons they didn’t like Hillary Clinton is they found her responsible for some of the activity by the U.S. in their elections under the Obama administration host cuts him off


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