Rapid Covid breath test devices developed in Finland

A few puffs into a handheld device, where nanosensors analyse your breath. Data is sent via a mobile app to a cloud-based service that within a few seconds says whether or not the testee has Covid-19.

That’s the plan for a Tampere firm that is developing a Covid-19 breathalyser device.

The result is based on the biomarkers that indicate changes in the body when people are infected with Covid. When people breathe out, they leave the lungs and the body, allowing breathalysers to identify Covid cases.

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Levels are sent to the cloud-based service, which compares them to those found in Covid patients and allows an initial diagnosis to be made.

“It takes an average of 15 seconds to give a sample, and the analysis takes around three seconds, so we can genuinely talk about real time assessment and diagnosis,” said Pekka Rissanen of the Tampere firm Deep Sensing Algorithms. “Each cycle is around two minutes so the next person can come after two minutes to breathe into the device.”

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