The Plandemic, The New Age of Aquarius World Order, Maitreya…

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We’re in a spiritual IQ test for entry to the New Age of Aquarius World Order. We’re given a choice; corrupt your sacred DNA to go back to the old normal of the ‘old world order’. Or Don’t. All who choose incorrectly will be deemed unsuitable and will not make it.

Microbiologist Dolores Cahill gave a recent interview where she claims there is a “kill switch” (cytokine storm) in the vax which when when triggered will kill up to 80% of people within a year or so of taking it.

The Age of Aquarius started astrologically on the 21/12/20. It is no surprise then that shortly before this date the insane covid vacs, which will be offered to every person on the planet, was rolled out. It appears this Aquarian Age “Selection Process” has now begun..

If this happens it would be the most traumatic event in human history. It would lead to a complete breakdown of society globally and a period of total chaos. The stage will be well and truly set for the ‘Maitreya’ to make his appearance and restore ‘order’. Christians will believe they have survived the Mark of the Beast and that this New Age ‘Maitreya’ is in fact Christ returned in the flesh.
The New Age of Aquarius World Order will then begin…

While there may be many dark and challenging days ahead, this really is an amazing time to be alive.
As we prepare for what is coming, the greatest of all battles, we should remember that for this reason and for this time, God sent down to Earth, his toughest soldiers..




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