Real Estate Prices Go PARABOLIC In Major Cities! Biggest Real Estate Bubble IN HISTORY!

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Do you think the prices are sustainable?

The bubble continues to expand. Look around the world, major cities have one thing in common: Prices are astronomical. In the U.S., Canada and anywhere else it’s allowed, people have been using their homes as an ATM, pulling out the equity in order to make discretionary purchases. Truly an unwise move. In the end, everyone must pay the price for their actions.


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2018-07-13_13-55-33.jpg (842×586)

Luxury Home Prices Gain Momentum in First Half of 2018 – Economic Research

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Housing-Nation-Renters-071218.png (761×485)

Home-Ownership-Debt-071218.png (727×489)

Housing-Rental-Income-Bubble-071218.png (1095×604)


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