Recycling a Failed Experiment? Cheaper to buy sand than recycle glass.

Our local waste disposal company has decided it no longer can accept glass.

I don’t really recycle glass or have much glass as it is, but found the related article interesting.

The whole recycling industry seems to have just been a scam. The reason being, they don’t recycle glass anymore because it’s environmentally unsound, but simply because it is no longer profitable.

Lol, I thought we were “saving the planet”.

A study by Rob Taylor with the State Recycling Program in the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality estimated that the average market value of a ton of mixed recyclable material arriving at a recovery facility in the state dropped from just over $180 in early 2011 to less than $80 at the end of 2015. That value has since rebounded a bit, Taylor found, to a little over $100, but it still leaves the industry struggling to extract profit from the millions of tons of recyclable material Americans throw away every year.


h/t nchyflyer


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