Reddit is currently putting in new algorithms designed to ghost users. They will post and see their posts. But the posts will never be seen sorting by r/new or any other sorting method. They are ghosting entire subreddits right now. The algorithm is live.

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by DisgruntledWageSlave

Think Reddit is just down? Its not. Welcome to the “New” and “Improved” Reddit.

Been nice chatting with you folks. See some of you on the other side.

Edit: Some have said this is a normal outage. Maybe. Let’s conduct a test. Play a little game.

Go to r/all. Now sort r/all/new and let everyone know how long it takes to find posts from anything Reddit has found offensive. r/conspiracy or r/watchredditdie or anything controversial on the first page…s?

Edit: Because some people don’t understand the difference…

There’s admin shadowbans, subreddit shadow bans, and ghosting. Know the differences. Admin shadow bans once widely used are now rare. You think you’re online posting and commenting but no one but you can see it. Log out of account and look for your profile. If its gone, you are Admin shadow banned. r/amishadowbanned might help. If you are subreddit specific shadow ban it involves a code in the automod placed in the wiki that does a user check and automatically mutes and hides all comments and postings. Nothing you can do about it. If you are ghosted or are in a ghosted subreddit? As a ghost only other ghost can see you. Problem users are ghosted. Not just the right. The left too. This allows them to continue to interact without realizing their words and posts will never be visible to the average user of Reddit. Only to other ghosts. The problem subreddits are removed from normal search algorithms. Very rarely will one be allowed within Reddit’s ranking system. Instead these subreddits must rely on redirects from other more populous subreddits. This is the only way they can increase traffic. By ghosting the subreddits the Admins allow them to function and can claim a hands off approach while starving the subreddits of potential users by hiding them from the front page and average user base. Are you a ghost?

Many ghosts are reporting in about the dreaded grey arrow. Yes that means you’re a ghost. As soon as Reddit’s code is updated the arrows will “look” normal once again. But your actual interaction in Reddit posts popularity has been nullified. No more brigading for you. No more coordinated down vote campaigns against valued countries and companies.

Having done a quick IP check I do not think ghosting currently goes beyond account level.


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