Regardless of the topic, the elite get the accurate data while we get the propaganda that maximizes their benefit.

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Bill Gates: We will have another financial crisis like the one in 2008—it’s a ‘certainty’. The wealthy get the real data, not the propaganda the teevee spews.

The 2008 financial crisis led to the Great Recession and millions of jobs lost. It took years for America to recover and many citizens still feel the ripple effects. According to Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, though, we should be braced for another one.
During a Reddit “Ask Me Anything” last week, when Gates was asked if, in the near future, the U.S. will have another crisis similar to the one in 2008, he offered a blunt response: “Yes. It is hard to say when but this is a certainty.”
He added, “Fortunately, we got through that one reasonably well. Warren has talked about this and he understands this area far better than I do.”

Despite the warning, both Gates and his longtime friend Warren Buffett are generally optimistic about the U.S. economy. In an essay for Time magazine, Buffett stated that years of growth “certainly lie ahead,” and “most American children are going to live far better than their parents did.”

Here’s some copypasta from an old comment…the signs are there…
41% of jobs lost in 08 were High Wage jobs, but only 30% of jobs created since then are High Wage. 37% of jobs lost in the Recession were Middle-Wage jobs, but only 26% of jobs created since then are Middle Wage. And 21% of all jobs lost in ’08 were low wage, service sector jobs…yet a staggering 44% of all jobs created since ’08 are low wage, service sector. This means millions of Americans are literally locked out of the Middle Class.
US Credit Card debt has reached record highs as of Q4 2017, at $1.023 Trillion. This is higher than in ’08. Student Loan debt is at 1.2 Trillion, and rising. Auto Debt is up to $1.2 Trillion, and delinquencies jumped in Q3 and Q4 from 6.5% to 7.2%. Mortgage debt is up, and the average new home price in the US is higher than in ’08, at $250,000. The economy isn’t doing good. The US Middle Class is drowning in debt, and when ’08 part two hits, sooner rather than later, it is going to be a shit show of epic proportions. QE 1-3 only postponed the pain, so enjoy these times now, because the reckoning is coming.
Low wage recovery-
Credit card debt-
Auto Debt-
Mortgage debt-
Total US household debt-
Student loan debt-
Long in the short of it? We’re fucked.
h/t bradok

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6 thoughts on “Regardless of the topic, the elite get the accurate data while we get the propaganda that maximizes their benefit.

  1. is GATES at the AIPAC TODAY?
    the place is a BASKET of DEPLORABLES.
    most US citizens don’t give a damn about Israel or ANY thing JEWISH,YET there is our MAGA with NO WALL prez KISSING them like Georgeie Bush and his KISSING RAGHEADS on TV!!!
    let ALL watch as WE DO 911 again just because the Isralies LIKE IT!!

  2. It is difficult to imagine any realistic senario where two people interact, and where having more accurate information is not an advantage. Whether it is buying a car, taking a new job, ordering lunch — having good information always give you an edge, gives you more power to make advantageous decisions.
    People who are addicted to power realize this. Every time they allow you to gain accurate information, they are losing some of their power over you.
    Politicians, hyper-corporations, mass media controllers… they are not in the business of informing you, of protecting you, or of making you prosperous. They are in the ranching business, and you are another head of cattle. They are in the business of keeping you weak, ignorant, and easily domesticated. They control your ambitions, your goals, and your expectations. They harvest your work, your property.
    What can you do? The start, the absolute minimum requirement is to call things by their true name. When they lie to you, call it a lie. Tell your friends that they are being lied to again. Don’t call it “a mistake” or “a spin”. Don’t say someone “misspoke.” They are lying. Say so!

  3. On that note………
    The shit is about to hit the fan folks.
    Copied and pasted from:
    March 8 2018
    Defunding of alt media: A long frustrated talk with a good friend
    Last night I made a call to a good friend to discuss how financing for the web site had been interfered with badly this month, and he had some very bad news on this topic. This particular friend does not do an alt media site, but he is connected very well with prominent alt media
    sites including this one, and was the guy who was titled “Russ Clarke” in the report “Tainted Nightmare”. He has a very broad view of the real situation alt media is up against now.
    To put it in few words, in short, we are toast.
    He gave me a full explanation of what is going on. There are several very bad things going on, some I knew about, and others I had not figured out yet.
    First of all, the left is scared to death because they are losing the war to alt media. However, alt media needs to be very scared right now, because the,left has all the power via platforms such as adsense, all the search engines, complete ownership of all finiancial institutions, you
    name it, if you need it to survive they own it.
    They have cut off financing to ALL the little guys. They hit Infowars hard by cutting off adsense, but that’s not the same thing as making the bank “malfunction” across the board. My site, as much as I have noticed the interference and complained, is doing better than most, they
    are afraid of this one because it is potent and have not actually hammered an absolute shut down (though they tried a year and a half ago and failed because the direct IP saved it) at any rate, this is not about my site, I need to talk about what is going on elsewhere . . . . . .
    What is happening to people en masse (for the smaller bloggers) is if they depended on WordPress, or Blogger, or Youtube, or any other second party server to work from, and also people who were on their own servers but did not actually have the traffic this site has (4.5 million
    uniques a year plus re-posts everywhere) for anyone who was sub 1 million they simply cut them off completely. They are cutting them off completely. They are gone. Most people don’t notice it, because the names that got cut off are too small, but they represented an enormous
    grass roots backbone for the truth movement, and that backbone is now gone.
    As a second level in their war against alt media, (for the larger harder targets they could not take offline outright) they are attacking the financing. Many many alt media people who endured the adsense bans, and endured having Chrome be programmed to block all ads that were not
    adsense, and were able to keep things going with donations and sales, these people are now facing direct financial interference with the actual financial institutions that make things go. It is not only this web site, many other web sites are seeing product sales fall off, and
    interference with donations. You can’t donate to this site at all anymore, if it is a donation that is not tracked by a sale, it simply won’t work. Maybe it will briefly after I just said this, (to prove it does) but the reality is that it just does not work. People are fed bullshit errors and “try again laters” or silence, with the transaction terminated without them knowing, and (probably) outright theft. I was alarmed, because this good friend who is well connected said that this month,
    it started happening everywhere, to “everyone”.
    VERY IMPORTANT: what they are doing against alt media is flatly illegal, it is prosecutable, they know it, and they don’t care because they expect to steal the 2018 elections, impeach Trump, and then send the law straight into the sewer. This is the scary part folks:
    What they are doing at this point is the final softening of alt media, their final drive to weaken it so much via the cutting of finances and pre- elimination of as many voices as possible, so after they steal the election alt media will be too weak to speak out against it. They will then
    impeach Trump, and with him gone, they will simply shut alt media down completely. Have you noticed lately that many news outlets like the Washington Times have occasionally published stuff good enough to be on this
    web site? They are doing this to make people value alt media less, and make people believe they actually might tell the truth, before they commit the final kill.
    After the final kill of alt media, according to this friend, all hell breaks loose.
    Once they accomplish an effective squelching of alt media, we are going to see terror like we have never seen it before, and the only narrative will be the MSM narrative. We are going to have the guns get grabbed, and people will be carted off. They are going to launch a major war
    also, every last thing alt media fought against will become our every day reality, and the only ones around to comment on it will be filth, like CNN.
    Last month, a super powerful AI was launched to destroy us.
    Here are the probable capabilities of the AI (a guess, based upon what I have seen happen)
    The AI will automatically look for new voices on the web that are not in line with the official line, and will remove those voices via the process of having everything on the internet go through an AI before it reaches the end reader. When a dissenting voice is heard, “server errors” and
    spam filters take care of the situation. No new voices will be sent a suspension notice, or told anything was done against them at all. Their project will simply go nowhere. No one who is not someone already will ever become anyone.
    If a voice is an established voice, the AI is assigned to mess with finances, to cause as many glitches and errors as can possibly be conceivably believed. This will by itself, with nothing at all provable to any party, kill finances by 85 percent or more. No suspension notices sent, no
    warnings given, no notification whatsoever, “glitches” and “hiccups” will take care of it all, with absolutely no paper trail to prosecute. When a tech checks up on the problems, everything will be normal, and the one complaining will be stupid. The AI will know when to back off.
    I noticed this with Fundrazr. That damn AI learned. At first, I could post and have no interference for about 10 hours. Then it cut to about 3 hours. Now the AI is so good at knowing things that it knows I changed routing in 10 minutes or less, and usually accomplishes a complete
    kill. People are simply not efficient or alert enough to do that.
    Here is my message to others in alt media: Take steps now.
    Cancel all projects that eat money.
    Lay off all but the most needed staff, NOW.
    If you are paying more for servers than you need to, change that.
    Have all writers learn how to hand code HTML so absolutely no outsourcing is needed. Cut features from your web site that require knowledge you don’t have, and currently pay for.
    Rather than die completely, get on a bandwidth plan you can afford, and cut your web site to straight text if you have to, to keep within the bandwidth you can afford. No more flash intros and improperly compressed photos! Look at drudge. His site is crap and everyone hits it. DO
    THE SAME IF NEEDED, the message is worth a lot more than the glitz.
    Get on direct IP access.
    Get your servers offshore, in a safe haven.
    If you use a platform such as WordPress, Blogger, Youtube,or anything else, and you are real, expect to die in March. You are gone.
    DO NOT buy that boat.
    DO NOT buy that new 4×4.
    DO NOT buy a whole bunch of new office furniture or anything else stupid right now, if your finances appear to be crushed this month it is not an illusion, it is the clarion call of war. Welcome to the new normal. NO MORE DINNER AT DENNYS.

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