Report: China’s ‘gray zone’ warfare against Taiwan at highest level

Taipei [Taiwan], March 1 (ANI): China’s ‘gray zone’ warfare against Taiwan is now at the highest level, which could mean that Beijing is preparing for a full-scale invasion, Focus Taiwan reported citing local military experts warned on Thursday.

Gray zone conflicts are activities by a state that are harmful to another state and are sometimes considered to be acts of war, but are not legally acts of war.

Shu Hsiao-huang, an analyst at the government-funded Institute for National Defense and Security Research (INDSR), said that in gray-zone conflicts, the participants rely on unconventional tools, tactics and the use of non-state entities that do not cross over into formal state-level aggression.

Due to ambiguity of the enemy’s actions, the targets of ‘gray-zone’ warfare are often uncertain how to immediately respond, he said.


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