REPORTER: “Why are there no consequences for China?” TRUMP: “How do you know there are no consequences? China will find out.. You’d probably be the last person on Earth I would tell.”

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by DarkRiver

This is ridiculous. Never in the history of the US has the press been so disrespectful to the president. In any other context in any other situation in life she would be kicked out.

Dr. Anthony Fauci admitted Monday the Chinese coronavirus caught him by surprise, and was “much worse” than he could have ever imagined.

Speaking at the White House, Fauci said it was “a virus that was much worse than I thought it was going to be based on what we learned early on.”

Fauci reflected that initially he believed the coronavirus jumped from an animal to a human and did not have much of a capability to a human to human spread.

“Then all of a sudden you find out that not only was it animal to human, that’s probably the way it started,” he said.

Politico’s Ryan Lizza asked Fauci during the White House press briefing to look back and think about what future administrations could learn from the crisis.

Fauci admitted that perhaps he could have studied the virus more closely to understand the threat that it posed to the United States. But, he clarified, he was working with imperfect data.

“The information wasn’t as forthcoming as I would have liked,” he said, hinting that China misled the world about the nature of the virus.

It was a rare moment of reflection and humility for Fauci, who Democrats and establishment media figures have lionized as a heroic medical scientist telling hard truths to political and economic leaders, reluctant to shut down the economy.

Chinese Consulate Asked Wisconsin State Senate to Praise CCP for ‘Sharing Key Information’ about Coronavirus, Emails Show

“Consuls reach out periodically with governors, periodically they’ll come and talk to me as senate president, the speaker of the assembly, and so forth. But I have never had someone give me a resolution that they wanted me to pass on the Senate floor — never,” he explained. “So just the fact that they felt it was ok for them to do something so brazen . . . for this communist party, to so desperately crave for and look for legitimacy, wherever they could get it — including in Wisconsin — by passing this sham of a resolution that they wrote, tells you just how worried they must be right now on how they’ve reacted to the outbreak here of the coronavirus.”


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