Republicans Throw January 6th Protesters Under the Bus

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by Chris Black

When so many people complain about the GOP, a constant refrain is the RINO label thrown around as a cope.

 That tag needs to die. There is no such thing as a pure Republican.

Lindsey Graham is the post-Trump face of the Republican Party. Lady G is the poster child of conservative politics in America: gay, liberal, weak, corrupt, and morally bankrupt.

Graham is the model goy-politician in Weimerica: selling the White working class out is a feature, not a bug.

 “They need to WHACK ‘EM!” – ‘Justice for J6’ Capitol Hill rally needs ZERO tolerance policing, Sen.Graham says!

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A rally planned for September 18 in support of the Capitol Rioters should be met with ZERO-TOLERANCE policing according to Rep Senator Lindsey Graham.

“They need to take a firm line, buddy,” Graham said of the police to The New York Times. “If anybody gets out of line, they need to whack ’em.”

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