Resident-Led Grassroots Organizations Springing up in Cities Around US Against Agenda

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City Councils Taking Land from the People for Profit – U.N. Agenda 21 Generating Mass Homelessness across America?
Resident-led grassroots organizations are springing up in cities around the country. In 2016, activists against gentrification shut down the Bay Bridge and disrupted a council meeting in Oakland while voters overwhelmingly approved a measure to expand tenant protections. Outside well-known hubs of activism, the “renter nation” movement has won similar policy changes and exposed backroom deals by corrupt city officials. Landlords say tenants are being misled into illegal or extreme tactics such as rent strikes that will only make it harder for them to rent elsewhere. Activists say their movement is using protests to protect the rights of a growing majority.

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Massive West Oakland Homeless Encampment Spills Into The Street
There’s an encampment in West Oakland that’s grown so large, it’s spilling onto the street. Phil Matier reports. (3/13/17)

10 Minutes: Homelessness in America
According to the recent 2016 Annual Homeless Assessment Report to Congress on a single night in 2016, over half a million people were experiencing homelessness in the United States of America.
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This is Agenda 21 California – Government Driving Folks off Their Land

Since 2011 the U.N. has BeenTaking Over City Councils Across America & Homeless Numbers have Tripled!
Stacy Lynne educates We Are Change Colorado about the International Council on LOCAL Environmental Initiatives. An arm of the United Nations Agenda 21 and how they are using “GREENWASHING” to take over America.


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