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Paris Swade for Liberty Writers reports, Former Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke said on Thursday that he hasn’t been in law enforcement for 40 years. He’s suspicious about everything around the Vegas shooter.
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  1. The guy was a Patsy. Multiple shooters and no shots or muzzle flashes from the 32nd floor.He who assumes things often becomes an ass!

    • muzzle flashes – it was a lit up night scene filmed on mobile phone cameras. He was a sick man on a grudge mission. No conspiracy. Your society is all fucked up – your choice your responsibility en gross. You’re all implicated in the violence of your country and this conspiracy shtick is just your subconscious trying to wriggle out of the burden of guilt you all share.

        • I’m deluded in thinking thzat this paddock creature bought some guns, got them taken up to a room in discrete bags and containers opened a window and because of some deep seated flaw in his mind and through living in a fuced up country he opens fire. hmmmm – If I thought it was a govt conspiracy to change the gun laws or thought aliens had done it – well then you might be right about the delusion part of your point. Otherwise you’re just wasting time.

          • You’re extremely deluded if you think innocent American gun owners deserve any blame for something a deranged person supposedly did. But I see you’re just a whiney little bytch who bashes people with alternative ideas while offering no other perspective. Who’s wasting time here?

          • What alternative lifestyles are you proposing? I did not blame ‘innocent’ gun owners of anything. You just can’t read very well;

          • I can’t read? You misread the word I typed “ideas” and quoted me as saying “lifestyles”
            Nothing more to say, Occams said it all quite succinctly

          • That’s it mummy’s boy run along scared – you can’t answer any of my points, you just change the subject, try to be offensive and fail, look for an easy way out wet yourself and scuttle off. Says it all. Thanks

        • Neiter – they’re just as confused and shocked by this as anyone else. And ok, I admit it – I don’t see the point your making with the video….people firing awful weapons – explain the sig

          • Since you’re either a sheep, or here as a shill, the cadence of the ‘mad shooter’s’ weapon perfectly matches – via computer – the sound signature of the weapon demonstrated.
            But you knew that. So I’m going with ‘shill’.
            Ergo – no 5.56 bumpfire.
            I’d suggest you go look for vids where 5-year combat vets IMMEDIATELY identified the weapon’s report as “7.62 belt-fed”, but then, you aren’t here to learn the truth. Just to post to try to deny it.
            I hate to disabuse you of your lack of knowledge, or your ‘programs’ you’re paid to post, but you’re fighting a losing battle. Even Amerikans, as stupid and gullible as they are, are waking up. For every ONE of your “delusional” posts, even here, you’re 7 to 1 with people who seek the truth.
            By the way? I just lovvvvve the ‘ISIS connection’, almost immediate made, just like the bin Laden connection to 9/11 – within the hour.
            Rather odd, since bin Laden was a CIA asset, and ISIS/al Qaeda was manufactured by the Axis of Evil; The US/UK/Israel

          • I still don’t see the significance of your, err, ‘evidence’. If I were a shill – what would I be trying to establish? Why would I even bother to convince people with obvious dogmatic agendas about gun control and nothing else. I’m here by accident – from whatreallyhappened and just amazed that opinions like this, yours and the other loons in here actually exist. ‘Shill’ hahaha really? Have you dropped out from a 1950’s pulp noir?

          • You’ve lost your temper and gone all cartoony on me now. You’ve got nothing on this whole thing. Nobody trusts the MSM – of course I don’t but – face it, this guy is not a patsy there’s no cover up no mystery – one of your gun toting chums went tonto and whacked five dozen people; You can shriek ‘sheep’ ‘shill’ and get all self-righteous but I’m asking you – other than abuse and huffing sanctimony – WHAT PROOF DO YOU HAVE FOR WHAT YOU’RE SAYING?
            I take it you’re going with the – yawn – he’s a governemnt patsy (or a phantom patsy whatever the fuck that is) a democrat stooge or somebody who is innocent but executed by ‘sinister democratic agencies’ in order to get gun control on the agenda – but come on – nothing is going to get your dick brained governemnt to change that. hahah even if there WAS a deep state massacre of thousands of people at a football stadium done in full day light by white guys in NRA t-shirts – NOTHING would change. You would still be able to cuddle up to your AK47 penis extensions.
            There’s no big deal – when you yanks have break downs and get tooled up – massacres happen…you awful NRA people are then ONLY concerned about the gun control agenda rearing its head. So you shout about conspiracies ad hoaxes and flood the internet with your faux-paranoid shit (you are the true shills here nobody else) in order to try to protect your sad little gun nuts.
            Well – its your funeral – for how do you know you won’t be in some nutjobs sight the next time a gun freak goes postal.
            stay safe

          • I’m sure all the poor bastards your gun nutjob executeda all thought the same thing; As I say – it’s your funeral – and I live in a country were guns are hated and restricted. Guess what – no massacres. Enjoy ‘conspiratoring’ the next massacre coming up – any day now alas….and soon you’ll have forgotten what a tool you made of yourself on here

          • Try to stop yourself from descending into personal abuse. Your society is dysfunctional – your cops are part of that society – so your cops are also dysfunctional. They are unprepared improperly trained and not used to hot situations like this – They get things wrong, they panic and they fuck up; So no dice – just sending duff ‘evidence’ from IWB is a non-starter. Evidence like this from a fluid situation tells us very little and what it does say doesn’t back your fantasies up. Plus – you’re believing the cops’ transcripts? You believe thecops but not the media – when they’re all on the same side hoho – OK – but you notice – the moment your nutjob Paddock is killed – all ALL the shooting stops [read to the end]- it didn’t carry on from the ‘other’ vantage point no cop says – “one shooter down get the other one” “shots still being fired!” – it STOPPED. How does that back up the multiple shooter theory – – plus yur own ‘evidence’ states “Would anybody have eyes on the shooter.” – that’s THE shooter one unique and solitary shooter. You’re done done and done
            Anyway – what are you trying to make stand with your ultiple shooter hypothesis? What’s the point?
            Thanks anyway – I’m totally secure now that there was only one lone nut job who did this – Thanks! 🙂

          • Incidentally – your shrieking that I’m paid to write this is also quite revealing!; In your underused mind you’ve fixed that idea that I am a paid government shill as strongly as you’ve fixed the idea that Paddockunt was a patsy. No have NO proof of either contention because there can NEVER be proof of either of your beliefs because NEITHER ARE TRUE.
            Why the fuck would the US government pay a British subject who lives in the French countryside with his wife and kids to disprove and refute the wild ramblings of some drunk in Knucklesville Alabama?
            Scroll thugh my replies to you and give us a laugh eh – answer my questions – – you haven’t answered any – very revealing. Anyway – there is no conspiracy mileage in the paddock rampage. YOU GOT NOTHING

          • I followed your link as I’m always interested in other people’s beliefs – no matter how outlandish but was disappoited to find on the end of this link (above) nothing but a list of unhinged headlines.
            Secondly, you urge me to keep ‘burying myself with antics and stupidity’. What on earth do you mean – I am asking you questions and urging you to refute my points.
            The fact that you systematically refuse to do so and simply reply with increasingly angry and abusive posts can only lead a neutral observer to the conclusion that you are not really interested in this case. Perhaps itt is simply fodder for your obsession with the second amendment. Perhaps as you keep using the word ‘loser’ – you feel isolated and powerless in the midst of you dysfunctional out of control and violent society and – correctly – distrust the authority figures that control and manipulate your life.
            But taking it out on distant strangers and believing in frankly, unhinged conspiracy theories about tragic real events is no way to go.
            As for my ‘left sleeve’ – I confess, like you’ ‘shill’ and your gun audio I have no idea to what you are refering. Again, why would anyone PAY anyone to write this in reply to you?

          • Wow. You ARE earning your money as a shill!
            Didja’ see the ‘security guard that got ‘shot’ – isn’t even registered with the State, AS PER LAW?
            Didja’ see CIA-plant Anderson Cooper’s interview with a gunshot victim?
            Arm in a sling, flapping and waving it around, then he ‘showed’ his ‘wounds’. 2 little pucker scars, no dressing, old scars, lonnnnnng ago healed.
            And you expect a man of my IQ, background, and experience to believe such PATHETIC NONSENSE?!?!

            lol…..Seriously, dude. you’re a joke.
            I have a guy I’m lucky to know. Spent almost 25 years ‘deep inside’. He finds it remarkable there are people, such as yourself; “Zombies, braindead, cognitive dissonance…..take your pick”

          • Again you are resorting to insuolts and insubstantiated statements – i) I do not get paid I am a free agent interested in why people believe in baseless conspiracies ii) The security guard employed ‘on the black’ wow – what arevelation! People working on the side – who’d a thunk it!
            iii) The gunshot victim – hmmm – maybe he IS a shill and lying to get money off a news crew. Are you telling me there are dishonest peoplee in LA – REALLY?? I’m shocked lol
            iv) I’m a joke? Why – for beleiving what 99.99% of people believe about this horror story in Vegas. What? I relied on various news sources that were all showing the same thing. I followed some conspiracy threads on ‘whatreallyhappened.com’ to see if there was any chance of there being a stunt – but all the links were terrible and provided not the slightest doubt that paddock was the only perp. Then your ‘evidence’ – well that only served to shore up the official account. The auto fire the echoes the transcript. All the inks and evidence you purported to say backed up your ‘case’ simply made the official line stronger; SO YOU ARE THE JOKE
            As for your feller in the deep state – I’m guessing that he’s a figment of your unhinged imagination too; YOU GOT NOTHING
            Interesting examing your crazy thinking tho – – thanks!

          • I notice that the media and you conspiracy nuts have all gone quiet of late about the Paddock bastard. The media, because the perp was a white guy and there is no political mileage in that fact or gun control so there’s nothing further to say.
            And you conspiracy nuts – well you fall silent at the same time. Your job is done – you’ve done your shilling for the NRA and ‘the way things are’. You complicity (however tangential and pitifully small) all stacks up in the wall against understanding and change. So well done – the guns are free to massacre in the near future – o wait….
            I suppose you’ve got a bullshit hoax program up and running for the lastest murder spree by some gun nut? I hope your performance is going to be a damned site more convincing thatn your showing on this page – it was like arguing with a ten year old

          • Well, few bother with shills save for passing info to others who happen upon this, but contrary to your terminal stupidity and room-temp IQ, the evidence grows; FALSE FLAG.
            Nearly 600 people were ‘wounded’ – BUT NOT ONE DIED FROM ANY COMPLICATION?
            Those ‘seriously’ wounded were healed and out giving interviews within a day or 2? After being shot with a military caliber?
            Reeeealllllllllllllllly amazing.
            A MUST READ: Dr. Paul Craig Roberts had a combat(?) trauma surgeon send him a letter that this was a hoax BASED UPON SO-CALLED ‘VICTIMS’. Dr. Roberts was unsure of the validity, but now 2 other trauma surgeons have chimed in:
            WELL worth the read.

          • Yeah – I read a lot of Roberts’ stuff – but he does have a cranky side. His articleshere on your link trying to pour scepticism on the ‘accepted’ narrative is luke warm stuff – the argument seems to boil down to the familiar tropes that crop up after every horror attack. i) lack of gore picture ii) logistics iii) didn’t seem the type iv) targets v) where’s the bodies/certificates
            i) As a rule people under sustained fire and in a sudden panic drenched situation rarely have the prescence of mind to take out their cameras select fil and think about where they can position themselves to get the best shots to convince the conspiracy nuts after the event that what is happening actually happened. When shooting starts, ordinary people tend to run away

          • ii) I don’t know why getting up a load of guns to a room is really a difficult one to grasp. He was a rich feller, there are lifts and if you don’t want the maid to come in and see what you’re up to you just ask them ‘do not disturb’. iii) His personality – well either he did this or not. It looks overwhelmingly like he did – there is NO other body of evidence of eyewitnesses that dispute then paddock did it. Thus, you have to work backwards – he did it, why didn’t anyone pick up the signs. That avenue of investigation is academic
            iv) How did he hit the victims from so far away? Four hundred yards an all lit up target field. A target rich environment and a powerful weapon. This has been dealt with. Sure they drag out old snipers from the bar and get them to express doubts – but the perp had probably been practicisng. Again, he did it – there were no other people involved (YOUR transcript, Paddock died – the shooting stopped point blank) so he either got lucky, or killing is easy than you think or he had practiced well enough.
            As for the death certificates and other photographic evidence – what you shill conspiracy theorists have a right to see in full view all the intimate details of people’s loved ones before the next of kin are ready just so you can then go on to dismiss such evidence as fake too?
            Trouble is with you types – there is never ENOUGH evidence to convince you of something. Take the truck bomb in Somalia – do you believe that actually happened?
            And the gun control thing in Robert’s argument is poor – we all know that no matter how big the massacre no slaughter is big enough to change the second amendment – That is all you care about. Relax! You’ll never have to have any restrictions on the type of horror show guns you can buy. You can kill each other to your heart’s content then label anyone who believes in the consequences of such madness as a shill etc.
            So you’ve still got nothing. There has been no revelation no big exposé of the story – just ex-medics shilling for some publicity with threadbare explanations and desperate threads that lead nowhere.
            59 people got killed hundreds got injured because that’s what these guns can do even in non-military trained hands. THAT’S YOUR GUN FREEDOM – why are you so impervious to the consequences? Your second amendment generates these spectaculars and maybe it’s that fact you want to cover up with your tawdry ‘theories’ about it all being fake.
            Finally – a huge fake show full of crisis actors, multiple shooters (or not) nobody dead and paddock what – actually killed to make it look authentic? And all that organising all that planning all those lies and effort FOR WHAT? To try to convince people that you need gun control and/or something about herding people to believe in war? Neither thing are needed. You know perfectly well the US will always have the nut 4% gun owners and that won’t change and as for ‘war’ – you americans are so indoctrinated – most of you – that you’ll believe your commander in chief in any war not matter what. SO THERE IS NO NEED FOR THE STAGING OF ANYTHIN LIKE THIS.
            Conclusion: Paddock did it. The end.

          • For somebody who claims to be a fan of Ockham and his razor – you in fact DO multiply metaphysical concepts beyond those that are absolutely necessary. The conspiracy and all the insults you fling at me like a monkey flinging his shit in his cage.
            It is clear no dialogue with you and your kind is possible. You do not engage or even read the arguments of your interlocutors and simply resort to cartoons and insults.
            No further correspondence will be entered into – you are too far gone.

          • Thank you. Sick of seeing your ‘Official Conspiracy’ nonsense you’re trying desperately to believe, yourself, or get other to.
            Or paid to post.
            MY ‘conspiracy theory’ FACTS far outweigh YOUR ‘conspiracy theory’ STORIES.
            Believing police, the caught-in-hundreds-of-lies-FBI, MSM….and politicians?
            Holy shit. As stupid as most Amerikans are, even they’re begging to get it!
            Toodle, cupcake. And good luck selling your nonsense.

          • LAST WORD – I’m not desperately trying to believe anything. I’m not bothered if you believe the garbage you believe in. I’m not trying to persuade anybody. I don’t get paid.
            In all your rantings you never put forward a single fact that supported your ‘theory’. In fact – you never had a theory. It was just a compost heap of half-formed shapeless accusations unsubstantiated anecdotes, and maybe’s gilded with insults.
            You smoke too much dope – that stuff makes you paranoid. That and watching too many youtube videos from isolated loners who drone on about how certain they are that everything is the matrix, man – well all that behaviour has short circuited a few synapses in your brain.
            My advice – cut down on the smoking and booze and watch something better. Oh, yes – that and stay away from loaded guns – I wouldn’t want you to be at the centre of another boring massacre.
            Another tip – read what the ‘other’ side says. Your autism and creeping mental problems will eventually cut you off all together from other people and rational society. Go for a run. Read a book. Anything but try to defend your second amendment by cooking up shit, getting stones and smashed and watching cranks on the internet.
            Before it’s too late for you. See you flower – hope you get better. Seriously.

          • is this new york road smash a hoax too?? Or you believe the msm now? The perp isn’t white….that clinches it for you….you dolt

          • Let’s see; We ceaselessly bomb Mid East countries for the Rothschilds, minerals, and oil (or, like Libya, murdering Qaddafi to protect the US dollar/petrodollar when he announced the gold Dinar pegged to African oil), claiming it’s a ‘war on terror’, or blaming countries that had absolutely nothing to do with the Jew/US ‘op of 9/11.
            We kill 2 million+ – mostly civilians, lay waste to their countries…..
            And yet YOU wonder why an event in New York happens?
            Your stupidity or shilling lies in your inability to see (or your script you work from – ignore) the Big Picture. Sometimes, things are as they seem, but then we have Las Vegas – in which the ‘Official Story’ has so completely crumbled they’re now threatening alt-media, youtube is rapidly removing BENIGN videos which do nothing but prove it’s all a lie – ‘violating terms of use’ – YEA> I GUESS THAT TERM IS ‘TRUTH’!.
            Oh! Yea. AND the Jewish paper that was somehow able to report the Vegas shooting 4 hours before the event… And make a claim of an “ISIS connection” (as usual. What absolute SHITE – AND HOW DID THEY KNOW?)
            And have now killed 5 attendees who were up front eye-witnesses, and were preparing to speak out.
            I just responded to your patent stupidity (and stalking me like a paid shill) for the edification of others who read these articles and responses, so if you’re sick of my ”conspiracy theory nonsense”, then you are going to see a LOT more truth you’ve labeled ‘nonsense….
            Because I ain’t a’ stoppin’, my diminutive little shill.
            Or, simply stop following me 🙂 Easy peasy.
            Now; Go back to CNN and other brain-dead audience MSM websites where you can play ‘hero’, douchebag.

          • Where did you infer that I am surprised or ‘wonder’ why this stuff happens?
            Secondly, simply commenting on here – don’t flatter yourself – is not stalking you. Get over yourself.
            Thirdly – script? What are you prattling about – besides the connection I made was that you believe in this but not the Vegas shooting. Why isn’t this one a fake/hoax why aren’t you saying this is full of crisis actors?
            I come here via wsws.org so I am pretty well informed about censorship thanks.
            Five attendees have been murdered have they – show the links and let’s see;
            Stupidity? For what – merely asking you what you thought of this latest bout of US madness – for the record, I agree with your analysis – bomb the shit out of the middle east and you get what’s coming.
            And do get the idea that I’m some kind of ‘shill’ (what a quaint term!) – I’m just a Brit in France feller who would no more watch CNN than poke his eyes out.
            I may follow you – I’m an unpublished writer who likes alternative mad conspiracy things like you sometimes believe in.
            Drop the faux anger mate too – makes you sound unhinged.
            toodle pip

          • Well these shootings aer getting kind of routine aren’t they- – – just another white nutter …but hey I’m sure you’ve got a hoax link already ready for us and a list of crisis actors. So what’s this one? Real or fake….?

          • lol….You’re soooooooo far behind in the news it would be laughable were it not so sad, my diminutive little friend:
            <b<"Active Shooters On The Runway" Bombshell Air Traffic Control
            Update – Vegas Security Guard Says “It’s a Big Fat Lie”
            (37 MILLION VIEWS!! Is everyone BUT YOU waking up, Goshy’?)
            Former Intelligence Analyst: Saudi Based Risk Management Company was on the Ground During Las Vegas Massacre
            This just arriving. Haven’t read:
            The Las Vegas shooting and the mass arrests in Saudi Arabia. What connection could there be?
            Try and keep up, Goshy. It’s embarrassing I have to explain this merde to you

          • Dear me – after your build-up there, flower, I was expecting something extraordinary, something mind-blowing something earth shattering. Instead…instead…! A sad old man shilling survivalist food shit and flogging some dead horse old news about Jesus.the security guard. No story there…some vague inconsistencies about a guy working illegally. Since when do you right wing nut jobs care about Mexicans anyway?
            That’s all you got!!?? REALLY! hahahah – I tried with it….the vid but it was piss poor thin gruel. I’d say ‘Do better!’ but there’s no way you can – because we both know – there’s nothing there. Just like the Texas church shooter – US citizens are damaged goods and a fair proportion of them go postal with a lot more regularity than ever before. THERE IS NO CONSPIRACY – see there doesn’t need to be one, because these events are baked into your society.
            hahahha – really dismal stuff even by your standards.
            Now read this and give me your opinion of it, if you can https://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2017/11/07/shot-n07.html
            Stay safe now!

          • Hey, folks! Manchy-the-shill sez; “Nothing to see here, folks. Move along. Drink your Kool-Aid. Ignore the fact that NO hospital treated Mr. Campos – AS CLAIMED – nor the FAA VOICE RECORDING of ‘active shooter on the runway’. Go back to sleep, folks. Nothing to see here. Your government has everything under control…”
            You REALLY think I’m going to lower my IQ to join you and agree? If I could – then we’d BOTH be wrong

          • There you go with the shill thing again. If there is a shill here it(‘s you. Firsrt, you just keep bringing it up like a guilty secert on your mind. ii) You’ve no evidence tha I am a shill and iii) you’ll never find anything because there’s nothing to find. I’m a brit living in France with no links to anything. iv) YOU want the followers (to get the clicks to get the cash!) so go figur and finally – your last link was a site actually selling survivalist food and call ‘Shill Time’ near enough. YOU ARE THE SHILL haha. And sarcasm is the lowst form of wit as the saying goes. Not that you’ll have heard of it though. Name the person who said it first without googling it.

          • Anyway, to turn to the – ahem – substantive part of your reply ….I never said or implies ‘there’s nothing to see here’…as you wll know.
            My point is a lot deeper than your boring conspiracy fantasies. My point is that American is a violent and unequal place that breeds this type of behaviour. It is a social problem not some gang of shady government agents plotting something against a backdrop of an otherwise law abiding peaceful country.
            Your blatherings helps (in the tiny tiniest way possible of course because you’re so inconsequential) the establishment. You just shill people into believing that teh issue is some second amendment bullshit cover-up instead of focussing on the real social issues involved. You don’t even read any other points of view – well you are a shilll so why should you I guess. Are they paying you well? I doubt it.

          • And 37million views??? Wrong again – real figure (remember ‘reality’?) …….17254. The Still report – more like The SHill Report hahaha

          • Ever notice how when the truth get’s too popular, YouTube resets the count? Many, many – MANY videos and complaints of this, but since it’s ‘truth’, you wouldn’t know that.
            Sucks to be you.

          • You expect people to believe that 37million people watched that piece of crap??? You just reset your view of reality when it doesn’t fit your conspiracy. Give us an example of youtube resetting the counter when ahem ‘the truth gets too popular’ then.

          • “October 1, 2017. The top floors of Mandalay Bay isn’t Mandalay Bay, but is Four Seasons, owned by billionaire Talal. Who was occupying that whole floor that night? I can’t remember where, but I heard that the whole floor was reserved for that week. Now, no one would do that unless they were Saudi royalty. We don’t know for sure, but my guess is Crown Prince Mohammad. We know it wasn’t King Salman, because he was in Russia at the time. ” That quote is from your second link.
            Read it – it’s NOT EVEN shit. The stuff this guy writes struggles to get to the status of shit. ‘I can’t remember where, but I heard that…4 ‘unless’ ‘We don’t know’….all in one paragraph. Why did the site print such utter basesless crap – UNLESS THEY ARE PAID BY THE CLICK and anything with Vegas Shooter is bound to get a click – especially from you shills.
            WHAT A JOKE.

    • Keep in mind the alleged photos in the alleged shooter’s room did not contain hundreds, or thousands of empty brass scattered about the carpet, from all of the alleged shooting from that room. Staged poorly, like a cheap Hollywood production.

  2. SP didn’t shoot anyone. He was just the phantom patsy. The dead guy was not him either. He may not have even rented the room….but someone else did in his name… accountants are usually sissys and wussies. This jerk didn’t look like he did one single day of manual labor in his life. He probably never mowed his lawn or put gas in his car.

    • a phantom patsy – hahahaha – that is just not a thing. The only phantoms here are the ones howling around your mind. PAddock went bonkers, bought some guns, went more bonkers and like the western ‘jihadists’ who do this shit, vents his rage on innocent people. Ockham’s razor mate – your ‘explanation’ introduces too any unprovable things and frankly fantasy like things. You are saying nothing.

    • Has anyone here seen the new video out of someone who looks exactly like Steven Paddock in Atlantic City casino gambling with a Philippine woman on his left? The video was recorded on 2/10/17.

  3. That was garbage. American is a dysfunctional mess and mass shootings will carry on and on. There’s no conspiracy. No cover up. No mystery. You rightwing nut jobs have been stewed in media bullshit all of your lives and you’ve got to the stage where you can’t even believe the evidence of your own eyes.
    The sad thing is – believing and trying to believe in a conspiracy about this matter helps the government in a way. Don’t ask the real deeper questions that are pertinent to this case – go with bullshit like the crank in the above video. Doing that’ll take your minds off what’s happening for a while – until the next one.Funny, you people never actually prove the actual truth that there’s been a cover-up. The thing is – another tragedy like this comes along and you can just move on to that and the same cycle winds round again.
    It’s your society that’s the problem.

    • So pray tell us Wise One what are the deeper questions we should be asking ourselves? Aren’t your sort all about not asking questions and just drinking the Kool-Aid?

      • Can you lay off the clichés a bit? Kool aid? Really – for actually believing the evidence of my senses? A man goes on a gun rampage in your country – this kind of thing happens more and more in your country – your cops kill people every day with guns – your military kills with impunity – your president is threatening the world with nuclear war AND AND! you ask me ‘what are the deeper questions we should be asking’????
        I despair sometimes. Not for long though. Honestly, if you can’t think about how and why the US is so fucked up – you need to move to another country and get a sense of perspective – but I dare you read wsws.org and look up this latest shooting before there’s another spree and do ‘wake up’.

    • We “conspiracy theorist” are the ones seeking the truth, by not accepting the canned shit the tube feeds the fools who spend their miserable lives watching main stream media being pumped out by same criminal elite behind most false flag events that occur in this country. Critical thinking is becoming a lost art today. Fools who allow tyranny to occur without challenge will be forced to live under it. That is what the first and second amendment is all about.

      • You’re just using this page to reload all your scatter gun hatreds and angers. “Seeking the truth” – how are you doing that? You hiring private detectives or flying to LA to conduct your own investigations? Or are yuoo just scrolling through fringe websites?
        Have you ever thought that your adherence to conspiracy theories just helps the govt? I mean, your conjuring up of phantoms is a way of letting the powers off the hook – all your energy that could be focused on opposing the govt and all its oppression is sucked into the nothingness of trying to prove something unprovable? You allow things – the awful conditions of your dysfunctional society – not only to go unchallenged but also unacknowledged.
        Secondly – your disdain for everyday people – those inferior ones who cannot ot will not see the light – is akin to the sentiments that mass killers display. The targets are miserable little fools eating their canned shit – yeah fuck them bang bang bang bang.
        And, thirdly – critical thinking?? That’s a tough subject that I doubt very much you’re qualified in. For a start you seem to think it is merely disbelieving any representation of mass killing events. Presumably you believe what your stupid president says withut questioning that. Google critical thinking – it’s a harder subject than your misuse of the term.
        Tellingly – your true beef emerges only at the end like the owl of Minerva (look it up) – You’re only interest in this story is that you take the consequences of the event (yuo don’t care about the victims, obviously, they’re just “shit eating fools”) to mean that there could be a challenge to your precious gun laws. So working backwards (in more ways than one) you think – because of your gun obsession – that the REAL instigators of this outrage MUST be ‘dark secret democratic tryrannous forces’ hell bent on prising your death tools from your cold dead hands.
        That’s all you people have got. That is the full extent of your puny ‘analysis’. There are people who want gun control because they hate gun violence THEREFORE they organise mass shootings, are able to cover their tracks, fool the cops fool the media and fool the people and the whole world – but they don’t fool you sat there in your night gown in your study drinking JD.
        You’re done.

        • manchegauche judging your use of English I suspect you to be from the UK. It’s obvious you do not like Americans very much. I am proud to be one.
          My forefathers kicked out your red-coated asses out of this country twice. My family is half Scot/Irish and half French, neither like the English much.
          My French half were Voyagers in Canada before being kicked out of Canada, by your red-coated ancestors. They came to Louisiana in the 1600’s.
          My Scot/Irish side were again killing British in 1775, and again in 1812.
          As Americans We value our Constitution and it’s values. My family has fought in every major war since to defend it’s values.
          My father was a 33 year career Infantry officer in WWII, Korea, and Vietnam. He was in England before landing in Normandy to save you form the Nazis.
          I myself spent 22 years in the US Army and saw combat on two continents.
          A rifle is just a tool… period. It can be used for good, or used for evil. I’ve never killed anyone who did not deserve to die. But die, I will, to defend my rights granted to me by my Constitution.
          That’s what being an American is all about.

          • It’s not a question of ‘liking’ the US – it’s a question of you doing something to change your fucked up society. I’m half irish and Iive in France but you are waffling irrelevances

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