Why is the Media Working So Hard to Connect the Las Vegas Shooting to Charles Whitman and the 1966 University of Texas Shooting?

I’m noticing multiple references to parallel’s between Stephen Paddock and Charles Whitman. I’ve listed several links below but there are many more.
Vegas raises specter of first US mass shooting in 1966 – when far fewer died

Did Stephen Paddock follow UT Tower shooter Charles Whitman’s playbook in Las Vegas?

Paddock’s plan of attack was similar to that of Charles Whitman, a former Marine sharpshooter who opened fire from a tower at the University of Texas at Austin in 1966.
Former FBI profiler: Vegas gunman likely studied Texas Tower shooting

In addition, Eric Paddock made a strange comment in on his infamous interviews:
I hope they find a brain tumour‘: Sobbing brother of Las Vegas killer Stephen Paddock says reason he snapped is a mystery
The brain tumor comment is interesting because of the following:
Experts still disagree on role of Tower shooter’s brain tumor

But as the sandy-haired boy grew up into a tall, athletic ex-Marine, beneath his mop of blond hair, something else was also growing. A brain tumor, nestled between his thalamus, hypothalamus and amygdala, developed quietly to the size of a pecan. 
I have not researched/studied the Charles Whitman shooting, but here is one interesting tidbit:
The UT Tower Shooting

At year’s end, the Associated Press and United Press International ranked the shootings as the second most important story of 1966, behind only the war in Vietnam. The massacre would spur the creation of SWAT teams across the country. Because such tactical teams did not exist at the time of Whitman’s crime, many students had risked their own lives to fire back at the unseen sniper, or to help wounded strangers to safety.
It’s almost as if the media has this connection between the two shootings ready to drop at a moment’s notice. If the Charles Whitman shooting spurred the creation of SWAT teams, what will be spurred by this shooting?
I think they are trying to remake gun laws just as they remade the police force after the 1966 shooting. Notice the article below, before and after August 1. They want to be able to write an article entitled Gun rights, before and after October 1, 2017.
Policing Before and After August 1, 1966

The UT tower shooting along with the Watts riots of the previous year produced a national consciousness about the need for new specialized training and resources for responding to violent events. Across the nation, police departments reviewed their preparedness, training, and capabilities to effectively respond to such situations. Most found major gaps and massive issues that had to be addressed. Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) teams were developed as a direct response to the UT tower shooting. Since their development in the late 1960s, SWAT teams are now found in almost every police department that serves a population of over 50,000.
One of the reasons that UT security officers lacked weapons prior to the UT tower shooting was that institutions of higher learning such as UT did not have the right to train and commission police officers. That was, however, soon to change.

And notice the other parallel: civil unrest.
The Birth and Evolution of the SWAT Unit
It wasn’t the tower sniper incident alone, however, that finally convinced America’s police departments that SWAT teams were needed. Other events occuring across the country also had their breath. In 1966, America’s inner cities were seething with racial tension and many were poised to explode into mindless violence. In addition, the antiwarmovement had recently grown in such numbers and restlessness that America seemed on the verge of plunging into chaos with violence coming from any direction. The incident in Austin was the final impetus America’s police chiefs needed. They knew the violence that had wracked other communities could explode in theirs at any moment. They needed to be ready.
They needed SWAT teams.

And guess how Texas commemorated the 50th anniversary of the 1966 tower shooting…
University of Texas President Gregory Fenves sounded reluctant this week as he announced that the system would comply with a new state law permitting students to bring guns into classrooms.

The law is slated to take effect on August 1, the 50th anniversary of the deadliest school shooting in the state’s history, and by many accounts the first in the nation.
So it seems that the MSM really worked on spewing propaganda about the 1966 tower shooting last year because of the new law in Texas allowing campus carry.
Now they want to say that Stephen Paddock possibly used the tower shooting as a playbook.
Did anyone see this documentary?
Tower was released last year, 2016 being the 50-year anniversary of the event; despite its intense focus on an almost minute-by-minute account of what happened, it’s as much about then as it is about now. 
Go to about the 22 minute mark of this video. They interview a man named Houston McCoy who says he thought there were multiple shooters. They then claim that Whitman had positioned weapons in multiple locations in order to give the illusion of multiple shooters. Houston McCoy then goes on to talk about how there were all of these political factions in the country with some talking about rebelling against the government.

Anyone who was born before 1955 can remember America’s first mass shooting. If not, criminal justice attorney Nick Wooldridge reminds.
The shooting shook the nation’s conscience. It prompted Congress to act quickly. Within months of the rifle’s last echo, discussions of suggested legislation, begun following John Kennedy’s assassination, began to move ahead again.
President Lyndon Johnson signed the Gun Control Act of 1968 which would compel the licensing of firearms dealers.

Lyndon B. Johnson
553 – Remarks Upon Signing the Gun Control Act of 1968.

The Government can help protect its citizens against the random and the reckless violence of crime at gun point. We have come here to the Cabinet Room today to sign the most comprehensive gun control law ever signed in this Nation’s history.
Some of you may be interested in knowing-really-what this bill does: –It stops murder by mail order. It bars the interstate sale of all guns and the bullets that load them.
–It stops the sale of lethal weapons to those too young to bear their terrible responsibility.
–It puts up a big “off-limits” sign, to stop gunrunners from dumping cheap foreign “$10 specials” on the shores of our country.
Congress adopted most of our recommendations. But this bill–as big as this bill is–still falls short, because we just could not get the Congress to carry out the requests we made of them. I asked for the national registration of all guns and the licensing of those who carry those guns. 

Oh my.
Friend of TODAY Meredith Vieira is an executive producer of the new documentary, “Tower,” which tells the story of America’s first mass school shooting, at the University of Texas in 1966.
In the video at the link, Meredith talks about how this “amazing filmmaker” wanted to tell the story of the mass shooting because everyone just tried to forget about it. He wanted to open up a dialogue about it.
From what I have been able to find, the initial release date of the documentary was March 13, 2016. Here is the trailer for the movie:

Interesting bit of information about the 1966 Tower shooting. Paul Bolton, a major player in the press, had a grandson, Paul Bolton Sonntag who was one of the ones killed.
August 1, 1966. From Washington, LBJ calls Paul Bolton and his daughter Beverly Sonntag, whose son Paul was killed by Charles Whitman in Austin. He sends his condolences and tells Mrs. Sonntag that Lady Bird will call her soon.
Bolton was a long-time friend of the Johnsons and news director at KTBC-TV, which broadcast live a special program about the shooting on the evening of August 1st. KTBC’s footage and reporting were seen all across the country.

LBJ asked for national registration with everyone required to have a license to own a gun. I bet this false flag was set up and planned thinking Hillary Clinton would be president. She could then use it as an excuse just as LBJ did and pass a Gun Control Act but with the national registration that they so wanted back then.

This piece was published on Oct. 2, 2017, just one day after the Mandalay Bay shooting.
This Is How We Once Changed Gun Laws
Look at the steps taken by Lyndon B. Johnson.

Here is information that was provided by Father Leduc:
See what they are doing here. Notice the last frame of the video…

h/t Daniel Higdon

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  1. Probably just a way to distract from the discrepancies — “See, it happened before, it was a lone nut then so you must believe us it was a lone nut now.”

  2. They are just so proud of pulling off that false flag attack 51 years ago, they are going to use this one for the same purpose. All the world’s a stage, the elite control the bad actors and we are the expendable Extras !

  3. I’ll just betcha the hotel bomb in Vegas is tied to The democratic terrorists as well.
    The Harvey’s Resort Hotel bombing took place on August 26–27, 1980

  4. The why is Stephen Paddock standing at an anti-Trump rally in August with a tell tale pink NASA short on for whom he once was employed? Why is Geary Danley, who was still in touch with Marilou, with whom he was married for 20 year such an ardent anti-Trumper posted all over his Facebook page? Birds of a feather. Why is this video of Marilou Danley, a relative, or just informed individual at the LAX airport presaging the event by saying “Pow, 4 days, America dies?”


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