Restaurant Employees Stand Together Against Vaccine Mandate and Win

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by Chris Black

I haven’t been able to confirm this one way or the other, but this is certainly plausible, and more importantly it’s an example of what could happen if people stuck together when faced with any workplace bullshit such as affirmative action, forced diversity, tranny shit etc.

The dirty secret of this anti-White system is that it needs the labor, ingenuity and work ethic of White people to function.  It can’t just replace all of us with third worlders, or else it would sink to the economic and military power level of a third world country.

This is why so much is done to divide people against themselves; this is the main function of feminism, CRT, gay marriage, the Fair Housing Act, open-borders immigration and all the rest of it.  It’s not there to destroy people, it’s there to divide them and break up families and bust up communities so people have no organized leverage as a group, to reduce them to individuals who can be controlled.  

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Solidarity will beat this demented system, it’s that simple.

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