REVEALED: the shocking lies about Covid vaccine safety

by John Ward 

Burial Plot?

Fresh data quoted by New Zealand whistle-blower Dr Damian Wojcick show that the Covid 19 “vaccines” are the most spectacularly unsafe in the history of virology

At the Google search page level under ‘US vaccine deaths so far’, the “Sun headline” is ‘Rare instances of adverse events following COVID-19 vaccinations have been reported to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS)’.

That’s the first lie. The instances are anything but rare. Also, it didn’t answer the Search question I asked.

At the site itself, the lies continued. ‘Results from safety monitoring efforts are reassuring. Some people have no side effects. Many people have reported only mild side effects after COVID-19 vaccination’. Followed by ‘COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective. Millions of people in the United States have received COVID-19 vaccines under the most intense safety monitoring in U.S. history. CDC recommends you get a COVID-19 vaccine as soon as you can’.

Go to the link showing the data, however, and this is what you get:

Isn’t Friday at peak hour a strange time to be doing maintenance? Whatever, these are the facts:

‘The most intense safety monitoring in U.S. history’. The sick joke of a diseased mind. As I posted a week ago, both the VAERS & UK Yellow Card systems are lax – neither CDC nor PHE are showing any signs of diligence – the figures may well be higher. What I can tell you is that numbers above have been exactly quoted from VAERS stats by New Zealand GP Damian Wojcik…..and not contested. Given the bloke’s reputation for probity, I’m not surprised.

This ridiculous level of evasion, false reassurance and downright hard-sell on regulatory websites and in media releases supports former President Trump’s privately expressed conviction that CDC and Fauci are hopelessly conflicted as regulators….and should be either radically reformed or shut down. But of course, the safety propaganda is but one part of the scam: the fear-creating fakery and sensationalism in the world’s media – from Reuters and Bloomberg to the London Times and The Sun – has never been less than disgraceful….and at times, falsehood near a level of unintended hilarity:

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This is a horrific image, isn’t it? A patient screaming in pain as a result of – the Torygraph tells us – ‘India’s ‘black fungus’….The Telegraph is given exclusive access to specialist hospitals, where doctors battle to save Covid patients infected with flesh-eating pathogen’

Well first of all, the unfortunate patient in the shot is NOT screaming – she’s been asked to open her mouth so the medical team can examine her throat. Secondly, black fungus doesn’t ‘eat’ flesh any more than everyday athlete’s foot does: it’s a skin infection which is very rare (300 deaths in a population of 1.4 billion) and for a reason as yet unestablished, a small percentage of Covid infected patients seem to be highly prone to it. The New York Times nonsense about it “invading” Nepal in fact involves 1 (that’s one) patient – and I see that the website mention of it has now been pulled. (Nepal, by the way, has become the next mutant terrorism – rapidly replacing the Vietnamese deadly hybrid killer, which also turned out to be a non-story)

Now usually, I end posts like this one with reminders of the golden rule about Contrick19 – ‘High in virus fearfulfness, Low in vaccine riskiness‘; but why on Earth would any responsible Sovereign power do such a thing? I mean, where is the socio-citizenry wisdom in scaring the population witless about a nothing virus, while lying about vaccine safety and effectiveness being the only hope?

Instead today, I want to take a look at how many people have ignored all the evidence of malfeasance and wound up going with denialist fear rather than profound suspicion. It isn’t good news.

In early reactions to the ‘threat’ from Covid, global hesitancy appeared to be high….particularly if the supply was from China (50%) – in fact, tribalism was in play here, in that UK respondents didn’t trust Russian formulations and many French respondents were wary of anything from outside France…..surely not. But by July 2020 (after six months of blanket fear and drama from the Elysée Palace) a large scale French survey showed that vax hesitancy was somewhat less at 3 in 10, strongly biased towards lower class/education levels.

In the US (where mega dramatisation was frequently poo-poohed under President Trump) by December 2020, a reliable and well-structured survey monitor nevertheless showed some further decline in hesitancy, from 37% to 29%.

Only in the United Kingdom was a vast pro-vaccination advertising and direct marketing budget added to the supine media parrotting of the State, TV and print media. Here, the attitude shift has been dramatic: in November 2020, 35% of respondents to a public opinion survey from Kantar were vaccine hesitant….but in the Oxford survey of February 2021, overall negative feelings about vaccination had fallen to 20% in the sample as a whole, and 10% among over 50s. That is a very statistically significant difference…..suggesting that the direct-selling combined with the ad campaign has had an enormous effect.

Unfortunately, it has also been complemented by outrageous levels of social and “news” media censorship of Truths about these soi-disant “vaccines’” limited efficacy and serious side effect issues established earlier in this post. So much so that, a Parliamentary inquiry into the scripts used during direct selling concluded that the methods used “were totalitarian”.

The side-effects so deviously covered up by Boris and his ceature Hancock – alongside their racketeer selling techniques – have made Britain by far the most vaccinated large population in the world; but in turn, postcognitive self-assurance has made those already in receipt of even one jab furiously denialist of the short, medium and long term dangers and inefficacy, aggressively intolerant of those who have been wise enough to refuse the vax….and now suddenly (as I predicted) finding that holidays abroad are still denied to them.

I leave you with this final, mind-concentrating thought: if the piratical brigands in the Unelected States can get away with a confidence trick of such globally tragic and ruinous proportions – and effortlessly recruit 95% of media owners, senior politicians, public health bureaucrats and sovereign treasuries to their calumnous cause – what on Earth will they try next if we don’t stop them?




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