RICHARD FERNANDEZ: Why the Epstein Scandal May Be the Most Important Story of the Decade.

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The Epstein scandal was one of many recent events that suggested the custodians had betrayed their stewardship. If culture is the mind of a civilization, no society can long survive the corruption of its own legacy and symbols. The photo of Ghislaine Maxwell and Kevin Spacey seated on the thrones of England as guests of Prince Andrew and Bill Clinton respectively seemed to do just that.

The barbarians were at the altars. Some would argue the discovery of cultural aliens in high places came about only because the Woke exposed them. But as Michael James Coudrey pointed out, many high-status sex offenders have been prosecuted during the current un-Woke administration and the exposure of so many villains may have less to do with the relative morality of bureaucrats than the breakup of the defensive box formation the elites formerly sheltered in.

Like characters in a science fiction movie who discover special glasses that show the aliens among them, the public sees them now. The same insights that fueled the populist rebellion also weakened the mutually protective networks that prevented their previous detection. When the old boy system failed, it did with such suddenness that many tycoons, media personalities, politicians from both parties, artists, academicians and even royalty were taken by surprise.

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More: Reddit’s Former CEO Admits Epstein’s Sex Slave Trafficking Was Common Knowledge:

Pao became infamous to many on the right in 2015 for her role as SJW/CEO of Reddit, summed up by her column in the Daily Mail sanctimoniously headlined, “I fought the trolls in the trenches,” and then losing a gender bias suit against Kleiner Perkins, and having to pay $275K towards the firm’s legal fees. In 2018, she tweeted this:

But Epstein and Maxwell? We all knew, but hey, we’re not gonna rock the boat over that.



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