Rinkeby, Sweden On Fire! Muslim Immigrants Riot and Set Fires! Beautiful And Ravaged Sweden – ENEMY INSIDE THE GATES!

by Pamela Williams

It seems that Muslim immigrants are slowly taking over Sweden. We know that a 60 MINUTES crew had been attacked in an attempt to cover Sweden’s progress in dealing with the growing population of Muslim immigrants. Liz Hayes and the 60 Minutes crew were attacked while filming a report. . After accepting almost 165,000 refugees in 2015, Sweden is described as “starting to buckle” from the strain on its infrastructure. Now, the report that was being filmed, complete with gripping footage of Hayes and members of the 60 Minutes crew being attacked and targeted with projectiles in Rinkeby Sweden, known as little Mogadishu, as reported by the BBC, is available for viewing on YouTube.
The 60 Minutes piece, entitled “Breaking Point,” begins with Hayes riding along in a boat that rescues a group of refugees, including a baby and children, in the Mediterranean, who were headed for Greece. More than 4,000 people have lost their lives attempting to cross the Mediterranean during the current refugee crisis. “I’ve just returned from Sweden, where something happened that I never would have imagined in such a wonderful country,” Liz Hayes states. “My crew and I were attacked. We had things thrown at us. We were punched and kicked, and my cameraman was run over. Unfortunately, Sweden has become a victim of its own humanity.”
So we were aware of the above incident, but last night’s incident was unexpected, but it seems President Trump and FOX NEWS were receiving news of the trouble and fears in Sweden. FOX NEWS is usually ahead of the curve, and President Trump has been, too. That is why I trust him. But there is more, too.

In another development Turkey’s Embassy in the Swedish capital of Stockholm has been attacked by two masked men, media reported Wednesday. It seems Sweden is under attack by the Muslim immigrants it has tried so hard to help, but barbarians are clearly inside the gate and more at the gate.
The two attackers, detected by the surveillance camera, threw bottles with white paint at the embassy building in Stockholm, the Anadolu news agency reported.
Swedish police have launched investigation into the attack.
In November 2016, a group of unidentified people attacked a mosque and a Turkish cultural center in Stockholm
This is so sad. Sweden has always seemed so innocent and pure…a place I have felt I would like to visit, but now it seems danger has taken ahold. The situation that Sweden (and Europe) is now facing is absolutely guaranteed to get worse in time, unless action is taken now. Social cohesion?, I don’t think so. The idiotic, insane liberals are the cause of this madness. They will probably continue to allow these invaders to trash and ruin every beautiful thing we had in some of the most magnificent countries in this world.
I want to quote someone in the United States who I consider to be a traitor. His name is Bill Kristol, and he is a neocon who is out to get President Trump and middle class Americans. This is a short paragraph about Kristol:
Bill Kristol – Started the Project for the New American Century (PNAC)…THIS MAN turns my stomach…little pouty mouthed thing! Bill Kristol recently said: “Decadent, lazy, spoiled, white working class” Americans should be replaced by immigrants. THIS IS AN EVILL MAN, AND MAKE NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT!He is the founder and editor at large of the political magazine The Weekly Standard and a political commentator on several TV networks. He was chairman of the New Citizenship Project from 1997 to 2005. He co-founded the Project for the New American Century (PNAC) with Robert Kagan.
I wonder what is wrong with someone like Kristol? What did America ever do to him? He seems to me like a spoiled, uneducated traitor. I would like him to take his views and stick them where the sun does not shine.
As far as Sweden goes, may God have mercy.

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3 thoughts on “Rinkeby, Sweden On Fire! Muslim Immigrants Riot and Set Fires! Beautiful And Ravaged Sweden – ENEMY INSIDE THE GATES!”

  1. The beauty of Sweden is beholden to how the Swedes allow their woman and children to be used as sex toys to the Muslims Immigrants.
    Rape, Pillage and sovereign submission is only beautiful to an evil heart.
    Swedes treat authority like Royalty, and it shows.

  2. History repeats itself and it’ll do so at the cost of a great civilization, unprecedented bloodshed in the future, and possibly half of Europe being lost to foreigners. There is no leader, Nationalist or otherwise, that is going to stomach to solve the actual problem. Half of society is pushing policies that guarantee this happening and they happen to control all Western governments through and through.
    On the plus side whatever comes out the other end will be some of the hardest people we’ve ever seen. And here people thought depopulation required a WW3 or nuclear event. An enemy within the gates locked in a perpetual civil war of annihilation without the chance of outside help will do much better, and it’ll please the blood god elites. Urban combat is the worst type of combat death toll wise.


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