Rob Kirby – Globalism True Enemy of Humanity & America. Fed Money Printing Keynesian Quackery.

Macroeconomic analyst Rob Kirby says dollar debasement is all part of the globalist plan to destroy America because it stands in the way of the Marxist/communist inspired New World Order. This is what the rioters tearing America’s cities apart are doing in the name of race, but it is in fact being done by the newly designated terror group Antifa, which is supported by the Democrat party. Kirby closes by saying, “Globalism is the true enemy of humanity and it’s the true enemy of America, and America needs to wake up to this and get their heads around it very quickly. . . . This is all going to end when the dollar is no longer accepted in trade by the rest of the world. . . . They will say you have created too many dollars, and we want payment in something other than dollars because we don’t know what a dollar is really worth. Will these clowns that destroyed the dollar take that as an act of war? I suspect they will.”

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