Robbery rate is up 21% in L.A.

Los Angeles, C.A: Robbery is up an astounding 21% from ytd 2021 in Los Angeles according to Moreover, burglary, a non-violent property crime without the use of weapons, is up 16.2% from ytd 2021 according to Unfortunately, businesses and the citizens of the city are at an impasse on how to stem the rising robbery rate.

Unfortunately, we covered 2 recent violent smash and grab robberies within Los Angeles. One of the robberies involved a mob style smash and grab robbery and another robbery occurred by 4 armed gunmen. Furthermore, both of these robberies involved the theft of high-end merchandise.

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Still, there was an additional, recent smash and grab robbery that occurred Sunday, July 3. This smash and grab robbery involved 2 men that stole jewelry inside Cardenas Market.


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