Rock ’em Sock ’em Punches Between Attorney General Jeff Sessions & Trump – Winner?

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by Thinker

Watching man/women get in the ring with Trump or Gowdy, looks like the old knock their block off game. The punches are being slung with words and present and past actions of all are surfacing to reveal the truth. Why is the truth about the United States, and the human and non human information so crucial to keep from the American people? Why have the majority had their brains imprisoned to only allow them to use 15%?

Why is it that the number one industry in the United States is vaccines and drugs illegal and legal? What has anyone in a political position done to really make a difference? What president of the United States has really attempted to make change, that the people could see? Have to give the number one spot to Donald Trump who was looked upon as the commoner.

Well who’s laughing now?

Flashback July 2017 – President Donald Trump Lashes Out At Jeff Sessions In Explosive New Interview

The illegal/sinister deep state investigation on the United States president by what are supposed to be the men/women supporting him is showing the two sides of American politics, and the players on each team. One team showing hearts of hate and the other striving for love that is raining from above. Looks like Trump was right from the beginning of his presidency when he said what he did about Sessions.

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In Feb. of 2018 Trump lashed out again against Attorney General Jeff Sessions

CBS News justice reporter Paula Reid breaks down the president’s latest public attack on Attorney General Jeff Sessions over the DOJ’s handling of a FISA probe.

Jeff Sessions fires back at Trump after insult

Attorney General Jeff Sessions pushed back against President Donald Trump’s latest insult, prolonging an increasingly awkward public spat between the President and his top law enforcement official. Looking the other way as the crimes against humanity have rolled on until Trump. Who is the Criminal? What happened to Benghazi ivestigtion? Why hasn’t anyone looked for the $30 billion in stolen gold during 9/11? Why isn’t there an investigation on the illegal Targeting of American Citizens with directed energy? Who wants Trump out? Those who all have something to hide and lose.

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For the third time, Trump blasts Attorney General Jeff Sessions

Sessions takes the job and then tells Trump there are certain cases he wouldn’t take? Who is being protected by Sessions? Members of secret societies or the president?

Trump swamp cleaning is rattling and disturbing the world of bottom feeders who have lost trillions of tax dollars and don’t know where they went. How many that are attacking the sitting president got some of the missing trillions? How many politicians sold their souls for wealth?

Flashback to June of 2017 Trump said he would drain the swamp and he is doing it!

Pastor Dowell telling the poor Americans why they need to cheer for Trump. Life would have been different with Hillary.


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