ROGER SIMON: Wokeness: “It’s About The Money.”

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The CRT-Woke crowd have created racism while pretending to be against it.

I think for many this creation of racism where it didn’t exist was only barely unconscious, if not deliberate. They wanted the money (or the power to obtain it) that would flow from the putative need to stamp out this racism they instigated.

The question arises then whether the CRT people are actually serving the minorities they claim to be helping—that is getting them more money? Possibly. But only in the short run.

In the real (non-theoretical) world, blacks and Hispanics got more financial reward under Trump (with everyone treated equally) than ever before with wages up and unemployment for their sectors at record lows. And those gains were more likely to be sustainable because they came through genuine jobs, not government handouts or charity.

For the woke, needless to say, it wasn’t enough. And the source was tainted.

But what of sources in general? Is it better to have money handed to you or to have earned it yourself, from your labor and contribution to society, whatever that may be. Which is better for your welfare and ultimately your happiness?

We could call that the Hunter Biden Perplex, but it is clearly of greater significance than just the president’s constantly prevaricating pathetic son who was given everything.

Almost everyone knows the money you earn yourself counts for far more in the deepest sense than any kind of dole from the government or an inheritance.

Further, most of us realize (even those who won’t admit it) that LBJ’s Great Society, that massive initial injection of social welfare money into the black community that diminished the incentive to work, led, in serious measure, to the break up of the black family, no fathers in the home, and endless pain, deprivation, and physical danger in those communities for fifty years.

Yet, the same methods have come back in a new set of clothes from the woke and their most visible leaders—the “Justice Democrats.”

The latest example of these “Justice Democrats” is coming to (where else these days?) my adopted home city of Nashville and is already getting the predictable enthusiastic welcome from our MSM friends in the national press. Via New York Magazine:

“The first major left-wing primary challenge to House Democrat in the 2022 cycle is here, driven by the same group that helped propel progressives Jamaal Bowman and Cori Bush to Congress last year. Odessa Kelly on Monday announced she’s challenging longtime Representative Jim Cooper in Tennessee, one of the more conservative Democrats in Congress and a key member of the Blue Dog Coalition. ‘People are tired of being told what they can’t do or what is not possible. People want to be inspired,’” she says.”

Well, sure. But inspired to do what is the question?

According to her own Facebook writings, Ms. Kelly is an admirer of Louis Farrakhan and wanted Nancy Pelosi to hire a pimp to beat up Ted Cruz. She also advised the newly elected Biden to “Day 9—Blow Up Maralago [sic].”*

If that’s not clear enough, about eleven months ago she posted “Gonna keep this short and simple… If you vote for Trump, YOU ARE A RACIST! Period”. She added that little 100% sign emoji at the end.

I guess she assumes blacks Ben Carson, Herschel Walker, Vernon Jordan, Mike Tyson, Dennis Rodman, Latrell Sprewell, Jim Brown, Larry Elder, Pastor Darrell Scott, Diamond & Silk, Stacey Dash, BET’s Robert Johnson, Kanye (sometimes), Lil Wayne… and… and… oh, forget it.

Maybe she’ll be a gift to Tennessee Republicans, as some have told me. Maybe she won’t. I guess we’re going to find out.

Yet another reason why: Facebook removes account of Capitol attack suspect and ‘Follower of Farrakhan.’

See also  Combined money printing by Fed, ECB, Bank of Japan: $9 trillion in 3 years.

* I’m so old, I can remember when mere target-shaped clip art was enough to destroy a politician for kicks and grins.



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