Rothschilds, Rockefellers, and More Redpills

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by Chris Black

This is a long compilation of historical and political interconnections I’ve been polishing for a while.

 I hope it entertains and enlightens you.

The Balfour Declaration was issued by the British government in 1917 by the U.K.’s Foreign Secretary Lord Balfour to LIONEL WALTER ROTSCHILD, 2nd Baron Rothschild, declaring the right of the Jewish people to a homeland in Palestine.

Modern head of the Rothschild banking dynasty, Lord Nathaniel Charles Jacob ROTHSCHILD, 4th Baron Rothschild, here in an interview on YouTube proudly talking about how his family was instrumental in creating the state of Israel.

VICTOR ROTHSCHILD, 3rd Baron Rothschild, was a senior executive of Royal Dutch Shell and of N.M. Rothschild & Sons (also known as Rothschild & Co.). 

He also worked as an advisor to the Margaret THATCHER and Ted HEATH administrations of the United Kingdom. The Rothschilds have had close ties with U.K. politics and the British royal family (the Windsors) for the past century or more.

U.K. prime minister TED HEATH, whom Victor (3rd Baron Rothschild) served as an advisor to, incidentally, was credibly accused of pedophilia after his death, and implicated in a massive cover-up of it, to the point that a U.K. police investigation was opened up into it.

In the modern day, the Rothschilds, through the couple LADY LYNN FORESTER DE ROTSCHILD and SIR EVELYN DE ROTHSCHILD, had ties with Epstein, Maxwell (credibly deemed to have been CIA and/or Mossad agents), the Clintons, and the Windsors (through Prince Andrew).

 It was LADY LYN FORESTER DE ROTHSCHILD who introduced Jeffrey Epstein to PRINCE ANDREW (later accused of sex crimes in relation to Epstein).

Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild did a fundraiser for Hillary’s 2016 campaign for presidency. Sir Evelyn de Rothschild and Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild can be seen hanging out with the Clintons (Bill and Hillary together) in photo-shoots, that’s how friendly they were.

So the Rothschilds, as a family instrumental in creating Israel (with the backing of elite British nobility and royalty, through the Balfour Declaration) and with close ties to British royalty and American politics, have likely ties to the Mossad, being involved with Epstein, Maxwell, and Prince Andrew through Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild (also, again, close friends with Bill and Hillary, along with her husband, Sir Evelyn de Rothschild).

Maria Farmer, victim of Epstein and Maxwell, recounts Maxwell told her “the Rothschilds were the greatest protectors of her family.”

Regarding Epstein’s accomplice Ghislaine Maxwell, Maria Farmer stated that Maxwell grew up with the British Royal family, providing photo evidence of the apparent lifelong relationship. “She says to me, my dad was a very powerful man. She had a French passport, English passport, Israeli passport, and an American passport,” Farmer stated about Maxwell and her deceased father Robert Maxwell, himself a suspected agent of British or Israeli intelligence agencies.

The Quantum Group of Funds is a group of privately owned hedge funds, one of which is owned by Hungarian-Jewish banker George Soros, and advised by him through his Soros Fund Management. 

The Rothschilds and other European families poured several million dollars into the founding of the Quantum Group of Funds at its inception.

Many people in Soros’s Quantum Fund committee have close ties to the Rothschild banking dynasty, such as through working in N.M. Rothschild & Co., for Rothschild Italia, seats on the Rothschild & Cie Banque, the Rothschilds’ Societe Generale Bank, and the Rothschild investment group St. James Place Capital.

Basically, Soros has very close but hidden, non-publicized ties to the Rothschild banking dynasty. Soros also, of course, has close ties with the Clintons and Democratic Party. 

He worked with Hillary when she was Secretary of State under Obama, helping her coordinate foreign policy.

So now Soros, the Clintons, and the Rothschilds all have close ties with each other. 

The Rothschild-tied George Soros also funds Democratic candidates he likes, and his Open Society Foundations distributes money to racial justice causes, some of which end up in the coffers of BLM and/or BLM-affiliated groups, as well as funding immigration reform in the West, using migrant crises as a means of demographic replacement to secure votes for leftist parties they back in the West.

Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild, furthermore, is working with the Vatican, the Rockefeller Foundation, and other high-powered CEOs and bankers on the Council for Inclusive Capitalism, which “seeks to make capitalism more equitable for everyone” (a seeming front over more control of the masses and maybe even the move towards pseudo-communism). 

She is, in fact, the financier heading a group known as “the Coalition for Inclusive Capitalism”.

She can be seen in this photo-shoot by the side of Pope Francis.

The Council for Inclusive Capitalism, furthermore, refers to the World Economic Forum on an official website of theirs and admits its alliance with main goals of the World Economic Forum (WEF), as well as of the United Nations (on “Sustainable Development Initiatives”). 

The World Economic Forum also refers to the Council for Inclusive Capitalism on their website and affirms their support of the idea of “inclusive capitalism”.

So now you have the Vatican, World Economic Forum, Rockefeller Foundation, and Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild all tied together too and pushing the idea of globalist control of the masses by an elite which seems to have to do with a reform of capitalism to make it more “inclusive”, with a front of compassionate progressivism over it.

The Rothschilds have had ties to the Vatican for far longer than this, in fact.

>Rothschild loans to the Holy See refers to a series of major financial loans arranged between the Rothschild family and the Holy See of the Catholic Church. The first loan took place in 1832.

The 1906 Jewish Encyclopedia described the Rothschilds as “guardians of the papal treasure.”

Pic related is David Rockefeller pictured with Lord Nathaniel Charles Jacob Rothschild, 4th Baron Rothschild.

See also  Epic interview. Jim Caviezel is releasing a new movie exposing the child trafficking industry called "Sound of Freedom" out July 4. He calls out the Rothschilds by name in this interview...

>In 2012, RIT Capital Partners (a ROTHSCHILD-FOUNDED British investment trust) announced it is to buy a 37 per cent stake in a ROCKEFELLER family wealth advisory and asset management group.[75] Commenting on the deal, DAVID ROCKEFELLER, a former patriarch of the Rockefeller family, said: “The connection between our two families [the Rockefellers and Rothschilds] remains very strong.”

The Rockefellers (American banking family, not apparently Jewish) got their huge fortune from the petroleum industry, having founded Standard Oil. Then they also branched into starting the Chase Manhattan bank.

Four Rockefellers have served as US Senators, Vice Presidents, Lieutenant Governors, Governors, Assistant Secretaries or State, &/or Secretaries of State.

JOHN D. ROCKEFELLER III started the POPULATION COUNCIL, a powerful NGO which admits to population control as a goal (of course, through peaceful means, officially, such as encouraging the use of contraception in developing nations).

The TRILATERAL COMMISSION was started by DAVID ROCKEFELLER. Members of it have served as US Secretaries of State, high-ranking CIA officers and directors of the CIA, diplomats and ambassadors of various Western countries, JEFFREY EPSTEIN (!), CEOs of major corporations, President Jimmy Carter, and high-ranking journalists of sources like NBC news, the Financial Times, and the Washington Times.


David Rockefeller also invited Bill Clinton to join the BILDERBERG GROUP, another high-powered organization in which the world’s wealthy and powerful meet behind closed doors.

* Jeffrey Epstein, former hedge fund manager convicted of sex trafficking in 2008, described as “an enthusiastic member of the Trilateral Commission” in 2002[30][31][32][33]

The ROTHSCHILD BANK funded CECIL RHODES in his development of the British South Africa Company (ironically, supporting the same brutal colonialism and exploitation there the average White is now blamed for), and LEOPOLD DE ROTHSCHILD (1814-1975) administered RHODES’S estate after his death and helped set up the RHODES SCHOLARSHIP at Oxford University with it, used to handpick agents of the elite and place them in power. 

Rhodes scholars have included 3 Australian prime ministers, BILL CLINTON, and other heads of state.

(Notice how many times Bill Clinton shows up in connection with all these interrelated groups and figures)?

The father of Jacob Schiff (1847-1920), German-born Ashkenazi Jewish American banker, was Moses Schiff, a man who worked as a broker for the ROTHSCHILDS. 

Jacob Schiff came to lead Kuhn Loeb & Co., American multinational investment bank founded by fellow Ashkenazi Jews Abraham Kuhn and Solomon Loeb. Kuhn Loeb & Co. had close business ties with the WARBURG banking dynasty (another Ashkenazi Jewish banking dynasty), being led by Otto Kahn and FELIX WARBURG after Schiff’s death.

Solomon Loeb’s daughter, Nina J. Loeb, married PAUL WARBURG, other member of the Warburg banking dynasty in 1895. 

Jacob Schiff (whose father, Moses Schiff, once again worked as a broker for the ROTHSCHILDS) in fact also became brother-in-law to PAUL WARBURG through intermarriage.

PAUL WARBURG then served as first Vice Chair of the US Federal Reserve.

The Warburgs, in other words, were essential in creating the US Federal Reserve, and had close ties with this Ashkenazi Jewish banking clique that includes names like the Solomons, Loebs, Kuhns, Schiffs, and the apparent secretive wire-pullers, the ROTHSCHILDS.

Jacob Schiff and the Warburgs were also very close with the early Zionist movement and funding the creation of Jewish lobbying groups and investment into Zionist activism, just as the Rothschilds were closely tied to the early Zionist movement.

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JACOB SCHIFF also came to be closely associated in his business dealings with E.H. HARRIMAN (1848-1909), American financier and railroad executive. 

The son of E.H. Harriman was W. AVERELL HARRIMAN, cofounder of Brown Brothers Harriman & Co. (BBH), one of the oldest and largest investment banks in the United States.

Senator PRESCOTT BUSH, grandfather of the famous GEORGE W. BUSH, worked as a director for Brown Brothers Harriman & Co. and was close business partners with W. AVERELL HARRIMAN, son of railroad tycoon E.H. Harriman who had close business ties with, again, JACOB SCHIFF, Jewish son of the Jewish broker, Moses Schiff, for the ROTHSCHILDS, and the Schiffs, again, being instrumental in funding and creating the early Zionist movement.

Senator and Wall Street banker PRESCOTT BUSH was also a member of the Yale secret society the Skull & Bones, as was GEORGE H.W. BUSH, and grandson GEORGE W. BUSH, as was PERCY ROCKEFELLER (again, of the famous Rockefeller banking dynasty with such close ties to the Rothschilds).

Larry Silverstein was a Jewish-American businessman who acquired the lease to the WTC complex a few months before 9/11.

>Silverstein has said in interviews that he usually spent his mornings in breakfast meetings at Windows on the World on top of the World Trade Center North Tower, and with new tenants in the building. However, the morning of September 11, 2001, his wife insisted that he attend a medical appointment. Due to the appointment, he escaped almost certain death.

Silverstein was close friends with 10th Israeli Prime Minister, Ehud Barak, as well as current Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu.

>Two former prime ministers – Benjamin Netanyahu, who this week called Silverstein a “friend,” and Ehud Barak, whom Silverstein in the past offered a job as his representative in Israel – also called soon after the disaster.

Don’t get the -steins mixed up — EHUD BARAK, former Israeli Prime Minister, was friends with LARRY SILVERSTEIN, but BARAK was ALSO friends with (that name again) JEFFREY EPSTEIN.

A sealed deposition calls out Barak as a sex offender along with Epstein (who, again, had highly likely Mossad ties along with his companion, Maxwell).

The Israeli news source, Haaretz, talks about the five Israelis detained for puzzling behavior on 9/11. 

Were they agents of Israel’s CIA, the Mossad?

See also  Epic interview. Jim Caviezel is releasing a new movie exposing the child trafficking industry called "Sound of Freedom" out July 4. He calls out the Rothschilds by name in this interview...

>5 Israelis Detained for Puzzling Behavior’ After WTC Tragedy

>Five Israelis who had worked for a moving company based in New Jersey are being held in U.S. prisons for what the Federal Bureau of Investigation has described as “puzzling behavior” following the terror attack on the World Trade Center in New York last Tuesday. The five are expected to be deported sometime soon.

Did the Mossad have prior knowledge of the 9/11 attacks?

What are the odds that 5 likely Mossad agents are arrested on 9/11, and Jewish-American businessman Larry Silverstein with close friendships with two Israeli prime ministers (Barak and Netanyahu) misses dying in WTC7 by happenstance and pulls out a lot of money from the insurance for it, and one of these Israeli prime ministers (Barak) is also implicated in likely Mossad agent Jeffrey Epstein’s pedophile blackmail ring?

EMMANUEL MACRON, incidentally, also worked as an investment banker at ROTHSCHILD & Co. before becoming president of France.

The BRONFMANS are a Canadian-Jewish banking dynasty that got rich off of bootlegged liquor during the Prohibition and from the founding of Seagram, the famous liquor and ginger ale company. 

They came to have close business ties with the ROTHSCHILDS through the founding of the joint equity firm, BRONFMAN-ROTHSCHILD.

 What sex cult were the Bronfman heiresses, Clare and Sara Bronfman, involved in?

 NXIVM, a sex-trafficking cult which fronted as a multi-level marketing company while in fact drawing in victims (including Hollywood actresses) to be used as sex slaves and victims of gruesome psychological experimentation.

Who was EPSTEIN (again, friend of the Rothschilds, Clintons, and Trilateral Commission member) also closely tied to through a friendship and client ship? 

The Jewish-American billionaire LESLIE WEXNER, founder of L Brands, which came to own Victoria’s Secret.

>Wexner had a very close relationship with Jeffrey Epstein that began in the 1980s and continued until at least 2007. Wexner allowed Jeffrey Epstein to run his business out of a house he owned and resided in whilst CEO of Victoria’s Secret.

WEXNER later claimed that EPSTEIN “misappropriated vast sums of money from him”, and denied any ties to Epstein’s pedophile ring, even though victims of Epstein and Maxwell, like Maria Farmer, made credible accusations that Wexner seemed to have been involved in it, too.

Who else was LESLIE WEXNER closely tied to? CHARLES BRONFMAM of the Canadian-Jewish Bronfman banking dynasty, with whom he formed the MEGA GROUP in 1991, a “loosely organized club of 20 of the nation’s wealthiest and most influential Jewish businessmen” focused on “philanthropy and Jewishness.”

So now the Bronfmans, Leslie Wexner, the Rothschilds, and Epstein are tied together extremely closely, with very few degrees of separation, and also tied to sex trafficking, the Bronfmans through their heiresses’ involvement in the NXIVM scandal, and also having business ties with the Rothschilds through creating the Bronfman-Rothschild joint equity firm, and the Rothschilds being friends and protectors of Epstein and Maxwell, and Epstein having a close friendship with Wexner, and Wexner, again, creating the Jewish lobbying/philanthropy club, the Mega Group, with Charles Bronfman. That’s a mouthful. Can you keep the web of interlinking connections in your head so far?

Here’s EPSTEIN hanging out with Jewish movie mogul and Democrat mega-donor, HARVEY WEINSTEIN, infamously accused of sexually abusing countless Hollywood actresses, starting the #MeToo movement and being sentenced to 23 years in prison. In fact, they were both hanging out at Prince Andrew’s party.

Who did Harvey Weinstein hire to suppress allegations of sexual assault against him? Ex-Mossad agents, as with Black Cube, a private security firm largely run by private officers of Israeli intelligence agencies.

Weinstein was accused of sexually assaulting a 17-year-old girl in Epstein’s Paris flat, and Epstein reputedly used his ties to Weinstein to impress young women and even helped land one victim a role in one of Weinstein’s movies.

Follow up note about the Rockefellers and Rockefeller Foundation: they have been closely tied with the World Health Organization since its inception for over SEVENTY YEARS NOW, funding and collaborating with them. In 2022, the Rockefeller Foundation were admitted as a “non-state actor” to it. According to the WHO’s website itself;

“The Rockefeller Foundation-WHO collaboration goes back to the beginnings of the World Health Organization. The Foundation participated as an observer at the first International Health Conference in June 1946, where WHO’s constitution was signed and the Organization became the first specialized agency of the United Nations.”

The Rockefeller Foundation worked with the WHO to fund research into vaccines, largely for developing nations, purportedly for “benign” reasons. With John D. Rockefeller III, again, founding and steering the POPULATION COUNCIL to curb population growth. 

The WHO again:


“ More recently, and throughout COVID-19, the collaboration has focused on maintaining essential health services, expanding virus testing capacity and strengthening genomic surveillance.”

Bill Gates is apparently a 7th cousin 3 times removed to Nelson Rockefeller, 41st Vice President of the United States.

The BILL & MELINDA GATES FOUNDATION have also formed a close partnership with the ROCKEFELLER FOUNDATION in recent years. For instance, to work on a “Green Revolution” in Africa (the overall “green agenda”/incipient environmental totalitarianism, overall seemingly meant to level out first- and third-world nations economically).

Guess what the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation also worked on? 

Das rite, they cooperated on the EVENT 201 SIMULATION OF A CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC in 2019, along with the World Economic Forum and the John Hopkins’ Center for Health Security. 

Occult conspiracy theorizing: researchers and conspiracy theorists claim, a common occult method of (((Them))), is doing stuff like this “out in the open”.

 The reason? 

It justifies themselves. As they might argue, “If the masses don’t realize what we’re doing even we make it semi-public to them and easily accessible open knowledge, they probably deserve to be culled and abused like this.”

Guess who was a friend of Epstein?


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