Rotterdam riots are now being covered on TV. Geert Wilders has won. It's time for the final nails in the globalist coffin.

The Netherlands sought help from the German govt last night, but was denied. “Germany wants to avoid escalation in Germany at all cost”

The Netherlands refused to grant the land permit to the Turkish Foreign Minister, Mevlüt Cavusoglu, and the family minister, Fatma Betul Sayan Kaya, was even expelled from the country. The dispute between the two countries has escalated this weekend. The Federal Government apparently wants to prevent a similar development in all circumstances.

As FOCUS Online learned, the Dutch government had asked both the Foreign Office and the German Ministry of the Interior to stop the Turkish minister on the border with the Netherlands . Sayan Kaya was not welcome in the country.
However, this was not met. Both ministries remained inactive, unwilling to interfere with the conflict. The family minister was therefore not prevented on Saturday from driving from Germany to Rotterdam by car.

Thanks for getting Geert elected!…
The Reuters picture above of supporters of Turkish dictator Recep Tayyip Erdogan are not from Istanbul or Ankara, but from riots overnight in Rotterdam that threaten the stability of the Netherlands ahead of Dutch parliamentary elections later this week.
The Rotterdam riots, which required a state of emergency to be declared by the Dutch government, are part of a larger unfolding drama involving provocations by the Turkish government inciting millions of Turkish citizens living in European countries.
The current crisis began when the Dutch government prevented the Turkish foreign minister from landing in the Netherlands to hold a political rally in Rotterdam in support of dictator Erdogan and an upcoming referendum in Turkey intended to give Erdogan more power. The foreign minister then landed in Metz, France.

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5 thoughts on “Rotterdam riots are now being covered on TV. Geert Wilders has won. It's time for the final nails in the globalist coffin.”

  1. Why has America not killed Erdogan?
    American Troops are Killed by weapons purchased through Erdogan’s Turkey, by terrorists who moved through Erdogan’s Turkey …..America should have killed Erdogan long ago for supplying and supporting ISIS Terrorists. He has been buying their oil and selling them weapons and supplies while training and moving their troops ……… that kill Americans.
    Russia Tells UN Security Council That Turkey Is ‘Main Supplier’ of Weapons to ISIS, Media Yawns
    Russia’s UN Ambassador Vitaly Churkin said in a letter to the UN Security Council that Turkey is the main supplier of weapons to ISIS — but the media doesn’t seem impressed
    Paul Kaiser Subscribe to Paul Kaiser Sat, Apr 2, 2016
    Links between Turkey and ISIS continue to be revealed
    The western media has been almost completely silent about a rather explosive accusation leveled against Turkey: According to Russia’s UN Ambassador Vitaly Churkin, Ankara is the main supplier of weapons and ammunition to ISIS and other extremist groups operating in Syria.
    The accusation was made in a letter to the UN Security Council, and included a detailed list of weapons and chemicals that Turkey has sent across its border into Syria.
    According to Churkin, Turkey has been using humanitarian convoys to deliver the weapons.
    Ankara’s use of “humanitarian” convoys to deliver weapons and supplies to “moderate” rebels has been well-documented. In November, Russia was accused of bombing a Turkish “humanitarian” convoy full of weapons:
    The nature of the ‘humanitarian aid’ is also in question. Turkish media and the IHH say the trucks were transporting humanitarian aid to refugees in Azaz. However, the Turkish Cumhuriyet newspaper cited sources close to the Syrian government saying the convoy was delivering weapons to terrorist organizations.
    The Hawar news agency reported that Turkey repeatedly sent convoys with arms to the Al-Nusra Front and other terrorist organizations under the guise of humanitarian aid. Reports on Twitter went further – they identified the arms as allegedly “Docka machine guns” and “small arms with ammunitions.”
    Churkin’s letter “gave details of convoys with military equipment and munitions for IS fighters, and of funding allegedly arranged by the three foundations. It said one foundation has sent 7,500 vehicles with various supplies to IS-controlled territory since 2011.” According to Churkin,
    among the supplies delivered to IS were ammunition for TOW anti-tank missile systems, RPG-7 grenade launchers and small arms, M-60 recoilless rifles, 82mm mortar shells, hand grenades, communication tools and equipment from the Turkish intelligence services.
    Aside from an AP report, we’ve yet to see a single mainstream source cover this incredible development. Turkey has just been accused of directly arming the world’s most infamous terrorist group. Why the crickets?

    • Why has America not killed Erdogan?

      What do you think the coup a couple months ago was about after he made up with Russia, personally apologized to Putin for having shot down a Russian plane, then murdering the pilot with machine gun bullets, which subsequently led to the Turkish stream project being restarted?

      Russia’s UN Ambassador Vitaly Churkin said in a letter to the UN Security Council that Turkey is the main supplier of weapons to ISIS but the media doesn’t seem impressed

      Well, according to Hillary Clinton, it’s Saudi Arabia and Qatar, at least according to her emails.
      Anyhow, ISIS is basically a CIA creation in order to overthrow whomever the US wants overthrown. We’ll see if Trump can do anything about this, hopefully.

  2. Now maybe with Wilders in charge of Holland….things will change in Europe!!! Next will be LePen and her ousting of all the Middle Eastern Turds!!! Then Germany has to oust Merkel!!! Fair accomplai…

  3. Oh well….America will do nothing about this…..wonder why? The foundation has been set for Gog Magog. Why would they change that?
    President Obama Next Week Will Open The Largest
    American Mosque In The World Built Here In The U.S. He Will Be
    Accompanied By Antichrist Erdogan of Turkey And Together Will Enjoy The
    Sounds Of Allahu-Akbar
    It’s in Maryland…..there is more to this than one may at first comprehend….also ask yourself what else is in Maryland?
    Look at all the history of the Ottoman Empire. Even and especially when they modernized and who did that and where they were from/parents.
    BTW there was a documentary showing that Turkey was letting ISIS and radicals go easily through there.
    I wish the best for the Netherlands but….wonder how they will get some backing.


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