Rotterdam riots are now being covered on TV. Geert Wilders has won. It's time for the final nails in the globalist coffin.

The Netherlands sought help from the German govt last night, but was denied. “Germany wants to avoid escalation in Germany at all cost”

The Netherlands refused to grant the land permit to the Turkish Foreign Minister, Mevlüt Cavusoglu, and the family minister, Fatma Betul Sayan Kaya, was even expelled from the country. The dispute between the two countries has escalated this weekend. The Federal Government apparently wants to prevent a similar development in all circumstances.

As FOCUS Online learned, the Dutch government had asked both the Foreign Office and the German Ministry of the Interior to stop the Turkish minister on the border with the Netherlands . Sayan Kaya was not welcome in the country.
However, this was not met. Both ministries remained inactive, unwilling to interfere with the conflict. The family minister was therefore not prevented on Saturday from driving from Germany to Rotterdam by car.

Thanks for getting Geert elected!…
The Reuters picture above of supporters of Turkish dictator Recep Tayyip Erdogan are not from Istanbul or Ankara, but from riots overnight in Rotterdam that threaten the stability of the Netherlands ahead of Dutch parliamentary elections later this week.
The Rotterdam riots, which required a state of emergency to be declared by the Dutch government, are part of a larger unfolding drama involving provocations by the Turkish government inciting millions of Turkish citizens living in European countries.
The current crisis began when the Dutch government prevented the Turkish foreign minister from landing in the Netherlands to hold a political rally in Rotterdam in support of dictator Erdogan and an upcoming referendum in Turkey intended to give Erdogan more power. The foreign minister then landed in Metz, France.