RT has a pro Russian bias. But it’s important to read coverage from multiple news sources if you want to get a broader perspective and more balanced opinion.

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Crossposted from r/antiMSM where mod Ian56 gave the following comment to support his position.

There is more truth on RT every week, than the entire combined total of NYT, WaPo, CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, BBC, ABC, CBS, huff Post, Politiico, Buzzfeed, LA Times and every other Corporate or Oligarch owned Western propaganda rag for the last 30 years.

Of course you have to take account of some bias on RT – they are pro Russia. This is very easy to do. I certainly don’t agree with everything on RT, but I agree with most of it. (I agree with zero percent of the output in Western media.)

RT is very pro Truth and has LOADS of American, British and other Western Journalists and Political / Geopolitical Analysts from across most of the political spectrum, who are simply blacklisted by Western media BECAUSE they tell the truth.

You have to avoid the Russian domestic stuff on RT and get that from other sites.

You can check RT’s output against a broad range of honest and credible Western Political analysts and news sites, with a wide range of political views. From Ron Paul and www.antiwar.com to Common Dreams and WSWS; and everyone in between. They pretty much all agree on pretty much everything on what’s going on in U.S. Foreign Policy, Geopolitics, the Western (disinfo) Corporate Media, Civil Rights and Corruption. And much else.

The reason that people go to RT in the first place is because they know (or strongly) suspect that Western Corporate media is brazenly lying to them ALL the time. If RT started to push falsehoods or BS propaganda (like the Western media constantly do), they would rapidly start losing the small audience they currently have and which they are trying to grow.

The audience for RT is tiny compared to Western media like CNN, MSNBC, Fox, or the BBC. But that’s because only a tiny percentage of Westerners have the first fucking clue on what’s going on in the world, U.S. Foreign Policy, American politics or anything else.

You only have to go to Reddits main political subs to see just how deluded, ignorant, disinformed, misinformed, and brainwashed most of the Western population is. It’s a complete fucking nightmare to see just how stupid and ignorant over 90% of the Western population are. The Oligarchs and Corporations want to keep it that way. And so do the owners of Reddit – which is also owned by a Corporation (Conde Nast) who also owns other disinfo media sites.


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