Running Interference

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by Mark Angelides

If it seems like you don’t know which news is factual, which is opinion, or which is just plain old propaganda, that’s because you’re not supposed to know. Facts are biased and don’t resemble the truth; and even the truth itself seems a more malleable concept today. So what’s happening? The governments of the world are running interference programs designed to ensure that no single person has access to information that they can be 100% certain is factual.
Take the recent Las Vegas shootings. We covered in an earlier post the sheer amount of “inaccuracies” that came out from the MSM. Initially there were two dead and 20 injured, that rose hours later to 20 dead and 200 injured and settled around 58 dead and 500 + injured by the end of the day. How was such a mistake in numbers made? Surely it can’t be that difficult to get an answer with the world’s press in attendance? Perhaps the point was to not let anyone know all the details.
And then fast on the heels of this came Hillary Clinton’s message of “silencers” and a call for gun control. Is it possible that Clinton really doesn’t know anything about how suppressors work? Not one person in her team pointed out that a suppressor would make a minute difference in terms of decibel level? It seems unlikely. So why then was this clearly “odd” statement released? To create interference and get people talking about something other than what needs to be talked about.
And of course, all through the day on social media were calls for “a ban on white men” and idiots pointing out that white men are far more of a danger to the US population than “Muslim foreigners.” This was headlining in Yahoo and Vox and was, of course, picked up by every major Twitter thread. It is, actually true. But it is also incredibly misleading. White males are responsible for more deaths in America than “Muslim foreigners” because there are vastly more of them. It’s as simple as that! If they had really wanted to run a real headline, they should go with something about black males being responsible for more deaths than white males of “Muslim Foreigners”
And yes, I know I just opened a can of worms here, but look at the figures for 2016. According to USNews:
“Among the roughly 6,000 cases in which the race of the victim and the offender were known, the number of blacks killed by blacks rose to 2,380 last year, an increase of about 8 percent from 2014.”
So that leaves out of the 6,000 cases a majority committed by whites (which includes Hispanics), based on this alone, it would seem that the headlines are right. But when we consider that 15.8% of the remainder were black on white murders (as opposed to 8% white on black), AND that this figure does not account for 61% of the actual murders committed, we can see where the figure lead us (unless anyone would like to suggest of the 61% where race is not reported, due to being unsolved, were all committed by whites, which looking at the population disparity seems ludicrous).
But why would the media go with angle that they did? Interference! They want the population confused about what is true and what is not so they can take power away from the individual without them knowing. This is even more true of the black population who are being denigrated by the “soft bigotry of low expectations.”As Frederick Douglass said: “If it is possible for me, it is possible for you.” The black folk in the cities like Chicago and Baltimore are being treated as infants by a government that hates them. Not for their skin color, but for their poverty. Yet the media talk of how the Democrats stand up for black folk…It’s all a lie…It’s all interference to promote division and hatred.
When talk of a race war crops up, which it does more and more these days, it seems to be framed as whites hating blacks. This is not true! It is the Cultural Marxists who want a race war to take away freedoms from all people of all colors and just need a patsy to blame it on…Enter the perfect patsy: the white male. And the “right-wing” speakers push the opposite: they say that the black folks hate the white folks and that they are trying to start a race war. Also complete lies! This is interference from above, not the left or the right (which are not even different sides, just two different tools to be used against all people).
And yet again and again, we walk into the trap of blaming regular people. Don’t blame blacks, don’t blame whites, blame those who are running the intereference.

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See also  Republican Running for Governor in Virginia Pushes BLM and Antifa Talking Points

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