Russia Prepares for Hot War With NATO

by Chris Black

As I already predicted in yesterday’s article, Russia introduced partial mobilization, i.e. they need more soldiers to fight the Ukrainian army + the foreign mercenaries from NATO countries, including US.

Keep in mind that Russia is fighting a mercenary army first and foremost, trained in NATO tactics and equipped with the best gear in the world. 

Also, the Ukraine is just the battleground on which this war between NATO and Russia is happening.

NATO forces in Ukraine outnumber Russian ones up to 5 to 2 according to some estimates. 

They are conscripting Ukrainian men and boys to lob poorly trained human waves at the Russians in tandem with modern NATO weaponry. 

NATO military support at this point likely exceeds the annual Russian military budget. 

Putin completely underestimated NATO’s dedication to this conflict, though nobody could predict that these fools in the EU would wreck their economies and deplete their weapons stockpiles just to ensure Russian speakers in Ukraine are forced to live under a Jewish dictator that wants to kill them.

This is getting very close to “World War III” territory.

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Putin is escalating after the West escalated, and now the West will need to escalate to meet Russia’s escalation.

Anything could happen going forward. 

We now have situations in Serbia and in Armenia, and the potential for things going south elsewhere.


Russian President Vladimir Putin announced a partial military mobilization during an address to the nation on Wednesday morning. He said the Defense Ministry had recommended drawing military reservists into active service as the country faces a protracted conflict in Ukraine and Donbass.


The measure is sensible and necessary under the circumstances, Putin said, considering that Russia is fighting “the entire Western military machine” in Ukraine. He has already signed an order for the call-up to start immediately.

The move will see the armed forces draw on military reservists only, and those who have completed national service, the president added. He promised that they would be provided with additional training, along with all the benefits due to people involved in active duty.


Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu revealed some details about the mobilization in a separate statement on Wednesday. He said the ministry wanted to call to arms some 300,000 reservists, or just over 1% of Russia’s full mobilization potential.



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