Russia-Ukraine War Propaganda Exposed

by Martin Armstrong

Kim Iversen from “The Hill” breaks down what’s true and what’s false about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Using images of past wars to depict the current conflict is blatant propaganda. Iversen noted that she mistakenly promoted a picture of Zelensky in full military gear that was taken in April 2021, and honestly owned up to her mistake with an apology. The fake news has spread from the average social media user to the mainstream media, all of who seem to be supporting the same agenda. Even journalists are confused as to what is real.

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Although Zelensky is receiving praise from the world for staying with the troops, he is far from a Julius Caesar leading his troops in battle with a red cloak on the frontlines. Everyone fails to mention that Zelensky’s policies pushed Russia from defensive to aggressive. Imagine if we were told Biden would remain in power for over eight years without receiving a proper vote on the matter?

Media outlets throughout the world are misreporting this war. The video above notes a German news channel accidentally aired an explosion leak that occurred years ago in China, claiming it was current footage from the ongoing war. We were shown images of Ukrainian troops dying on Snake Island, only to hear a follow-up that they are still alive. There are two sides to every story. Media channels worldwide are reporting this as a simple black and white, good v bad, situation. Yet, this war runs far deeper than public information will provide.


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