Russia’s Newest Weapon Can Create A 300 Foot Tsunami vs 100 Foot Tsunami

by Thinker

Headline for what the pedophiles need to stop the flow of information? Thousands of children go missing everyday, and those that should be protecting them aren’t. How do they get over the borders? Immigrants? Disasters? When will the world be what it was in the beginning? A garden of Eden and a peaceful one. How is it that while these wars between what many see as humans continue, no one speaks of all the other species on planet Earth. For decades humans have lived side by side with non-humans, so who fights who and for what in the wars around the world? Does anyone know? Another weapon that can destroy and kill is being boasted about by Russia, and more than likely the U.S. Military industrial complex has had one for a long time.

A weapon one should see dissolving with thoughts of PEACE!

Russian president Vladimir Putin has unveiled a new weapon. The unmanned underwater Poseidon drone carries nuclear warheads and is capable of creating a 300-foot tsunami that would destroy any coastal city. In his state of the nation address, Putin proudly touted Russia’s newest weapon. During the address to the Federal Assembly on March 1, Putin described a plethora of nuclear weapons he said Russia was developing. But one of these proposed weapons, an autonomous submarine, stood out among the depictions of falling warheads and nuclear-powered cruise missiles. The Russian government reportedly leaked a diagram of such a weapon in 2015 that suggested it would carry a 50-megaton nuclear bomb about as powerful as Tsar Bomba, the largest nuclear device ever detonated.

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The nuclear-powered underwater drone capable of:…y_05232018

1946 The First man-made massive tsunami ever recorded in History

This is total record about the first man-made massive tsunami cause by an underwater atomic exploding ,rare footage shows the tsunami and it’s effect in 1946 this compare with 2011 Japan’s earthquake ,the energy of atomic bomb like baby!!



SOFEX 2018: Show Preview

What happened to PEACE? The lobbyist’s took that away, when they started sitting at the tables with the rest of the elected officials making decisions that effect the whole world.

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UMEX 2018 International Unmanned Systems Exhibition Ground Air Naval Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates.

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