Safe Spaces are Detrimental to the Future of Society; and the “Progressive Pushers” Know This

by Mark Angelides

The advent of Safe Space on college campuses and public high schools is dangerous and was designed to make the next generation incapable of dealing with the real world. It is a long term project to ensure that more powers are given to Globalist governments because the individual will be incapable of managing the simple issues of daily life.
What began as a project to “dumb-down” the population through grade school level television has moved on a stage. It is now important to ensure that the average citizen is completely incapable of dealing with the modern world. Part of this is to introduce as much debt as possible at an early age, and another is to ensure that the individual is incapable of solving a problem without recourse to the state or authority.
By making the “children” reliant on an authority’s intervention, the Globalists are setting the stage for a grand sweeping up of powers that will be all but demanded by those incapable of handling the rough and tumble of life. It is being centered on universities because these will be the largest Social Media using groups and also the people more likely to get involved in “state sponsored activism” – essentially they will have the loudest voice.
But even if we take away the “grand conspiracy” aspect of Safe Spaces, the fact those students feel the need to retreat into these “caverns of love and puppies” means that they are already not fit for existing in a world where surprises and hardships are commonplace. The debt mountain ensures that the few remaining free thinkers will be too scared to open their mouths and risk losing their new found jobs; and if they are lucky enough to escape college debts, the ever-important mortgage will catch them.
If someone says something mean to them, they will no longer have to suck it up, because the state will intervene and find some way in which the “offended individual” possesses a “protected status” (race, religion, orientation etc…) and the full force of the law will land on the perpetrators head. This will achieve two things: it will reinforce the offended party’s love affair with the Totalitarian State, and make all rational folk afraid to say almost anything for fear of offending.
The first real casualty will of course be Freedom of Speech; closely followed by Freedom of Thought. It is a recipe for an Orwellian future that will not be forced on the huddled masses, but begged for by those who no longer have the spirit of individualism and self-reliance. It is unfortunate that the Snowflakes have ever increasing numbers.

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