Why are the Media Calling Sikhs, Blacks and Gays “Far Right”? – Because they are Protesting Sharia Law

by Mark Angelides

In London, a peaceful march takes place that includes members of the Gay, Sikh and Black community; they march under the banner “Unite Against Hate”, but the BBC and other “progressive” news outlets are calling them “Far Right” and are not reporting on the violent attacks being perpetrated AGAINST them. The simple reason for this is because they are protesting Sharia Law. What’s not to protest???

The BBC talks of bottle and flares thrown during the March…And neglect to say that it was the “anti-racicst” protestors throwing things and assaulting peaceful marchers.

The March also included many Muslims who oppose Sharia Law (and some Apostates), the media have claimed that there were only several hundred…In reality, there were at least 4000. Why would the MSM want to play down the numbers? Is it because they want the populace to think that opposing Sharia Law is a minority position?
One of the stranger events on the March was when the several Gay Rights groups turned up and started protesting the marchers. Either they are unaware of Sharia’s position on homosexuality (it involves a very tall building), or they were not a real Gay Rights group. It is likely that they were just one of many guises that well-funded Globalist protest groups use to shut down anything not organized and approved by themselves.
When people begin to organize and take action for what they believe in, the elite will try and shut them down, or smear them so that very few people will be brave enough to stand with them. How often are truly diverse people brought together by a cause? Almost never. They use each other, they piggy back, but are never really united in a single goal. The Unite Against Hate march was one of the few occasions when disparate people came together to fight a common cause. And the Globalist can never allow this to happen.
The only way to beat the Globalists is to band together all those that they seek to divide into “special groups”. When the people realize that all of the “enemies” and the “bad guys” that the Globalists are putting in front of them are nothing more than Bogymen to keep them frightened like small children, maybe then they’ll join together and fight the real enemy…Those that would have us live in fear.

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