Salim Ismail’s ExO Economy Token To Be Listed On Uniswap

The ExO Economy project of serial entrepreneur Salim Ismail is announcing its listing of the native EXOS token on Uniswap.

The ExO Economy has announced that Uniswap will be listing the native EXOS token in early Q3 of 2021, marking an important milestone for the project’s overall traction and market availability.

ExO is a decentralized ecosystem created by the OpenExO global transformation platform that has been operating as a hosting for thousands of coaches, investors, and innovation specialists. The platform is the brainchild of Salim Ismail and is aimed at fast-tracking business development for increasing overall operational effectiveness.

Salim Ismail is a Silicon Valley veteran serial entrepreneur, angel investor, author, speaker, and technology strategist. He is the Founding Executive Director of Singularity University and lead author of Exponential Organizations. He has been building disruptive digital companies as a serial entrepreneur since the early 2000s and is the author of “Exponential Organizations”. Hundreds of companies, including those of the Fortune 500, have passed through the Exponential Organizations platform, increasing their capitalization by automating operational processes and introducing numerous improvements.

The prime goal of ExO Economy is providing participant projects with certification facilitation, as well financial and marketing support. The platform also fosters a positive environment for sharing professional knowledge and expertise, thus giving participants insights into potential avenues of business process streamlining.

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“We at ExO Economy are adamant in our belief that any business can be improved. That is the purpose of our platform and the listing on Uniswap will attract great attention to our product and will act as an important tool in introducing us to a broader audience. Liquidity is important too, but everything starts with user interest when it comes to a product that aims to be long-term, not a hype-of-the-moment has-been,” as stated by Kent Langley, Co-Founder, President, COO, and Chief Science Officer of the OpenExO ecosystem.

ExO Economy is also engaged in the development of proprietary products and services. Among the latest is the EXOS Core wallet, which has been developed specifically for bridging the EXOS and Ethereum blockchains and giving users of both networks the technical functionality needed for transferring assets. An additional function allows the wallet to be used for issuing ERC-20 standard Uniswap format wrapped wEXOS tokens for use on the exchange.

The wrapped wEXOS token can be used for liquidity mining and staking, thus expanding its application beyond the ExO Economy’s internal Marketplace that accepts both wEXOS and EXOS tokens.

The scope of functionality that the ExO Economy platform intends to introduce in the near future will be expanded to provide users with more use cases and application opportunities. The development team is confident that listing of the EXOS token on Uniswap will have a positive impact on the expansion of the project’s community and liquidity pools.

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