San Diego Housing Market Is CRASHING! – Worst In 11 Years!

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Josh Sigurdson talks with author and economic analyst John Sneisen about the crashing San Diego housing market as the bubble has been propped up to such an incredible pressure that we’re finally starting to see the resistance in the beautiful southern California city.
San Diego housing sales have gone down to their worst in 11 years in a September. That’s a 17.5% drop!
In September 2,942 homes were sold. That’s down from 3,568 sales last September! That is a significant difference and there’s no doubt why. The amount of fake currency being shoved into the markets by central banks, the bankrupt banks themselve and the vast amounts of debt and derivatives being propped up creating their own massive bubbles. We are seeing the return of collateralized debt obligations, mortgage backed securities, credit default swaps, subprime lending, reverse mortgages, you name it. If you saw it in 2007, you’re seeing it again!
This comes as an act of desperation and it’s time individuals start keeping track of this problem, educating themselves on why it’s happening again and break free as self sustainable, independent human beings free of the centralized monetary systems and governments.
Protect your purchasing power! Be responsible! Free your mind, free your money! Don’t become more subservient on debt and those who create the debt.

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