Saudi Cable: Overthrow the Syrian Regime, but Play Nice with Russia

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This wikitweet is from 2015.   It is clearly relevant right now though.

Wikileaks have reported a newly translated Saudi cable from 2015, which details a wish to overthrow the Syrian regime.

It is clear to me that there are many powerful groups in the world, but of them all, the Arab ultra-elite are perhaps the most powerful. Who controls the oil, controls the world. Despite innovations in alternative energy sources, the demand for oil is growing, and we are using more of it than ever.

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Saudi Arabia has also spent millions training Syrian rebel forces.

Some people say the Jesuits are in control. Some say it’s the Jews. Some say it’s big pharma or the arms industry. But the reality is that there is no single group in control of everything. Perhaps, however, there is one group which is especially powerful.

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A perfect example of this is that Saudi Arabia effectively used an embargo to pressure the US to stop supporting Israel in the 1973 Arab–Israeli War. I can’t think of how their could be a more effective example that shows the KSA is more powerful than Israel. Zionism is real, but the KSA is way more important to the US economy, and when push comes to shove that’s what matters. Ideology vs money? Money wins.

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