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I really liked the angle he took on is point. very simple interjection to a messy subject. No need to trace back genealogy lineages to sort “so and so funded this study”…”but that study was wrong”…”well this one is right”. those companies have one job, to protect their pockets. so if the claimed threat existed it would not be accounted for.

I know from experience that the $50 Billion Dollar Man pulls no punches.

But even I was shocked by how the Q&A of our Dan Pena movie premiere went down. Dan get’s questioned about Global warming and why people like him and Donald Trump simply seem to not care about this issue. Dan responds with his own answer to the question and claims that global warming is a fraud.

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Until now only those who attended the exclusive event saw Dan offer to fight anyone in the room…

…brand climate change complete bullshit…

…and predict which countries Trump would soon bomb back to the stone age.

And now our most explosive conversation ever is available in full.

Watch the $50 Billion Dollar Man set London’s exclusive Curzon Mayfair ablaze as we discuss:

What it really takes for YOU to succeed
His hopes for ME!
Why the banks prove climate change is BULLSHIT
Why you should adopt a Dan Pena attitude to life
What you can learn from his most successful ever student Klaus Kleinfeld
His willingness to fight any two people in the room (at the age of 72)
“Fuckerberg” type leaders
Why London Real is better than Facebook
Relating to psychopaths
The REAL leadership spectrum
Why he embraced social media in the end
Why you should focus on the few not the many
Why he created a Snowflake Test you should take

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