Schiff Is Only Giving Members 24 Hours To Review The #Impeachment Report Before Voting.

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What is #ShiftySchiff in a hurry for?

House Intelligence Committee Democrats are supposed to have their impeachment report finished by Monday morning. Then a vote by the committee is scheduled to happen on Tuesday.

This gives members only 24 hours to review the report.

This scoop goes to Byron York

The big rush: House Intel Dems will have impeachment report finished by Monday. Will give members 24 hours to review. Vote Tuesday.

^^This week is going to be a gong show the likes of which perhaps we have yet to have seen, so many bad acts to hit the Monday morning news cycle and see who gets first place first.

Here cometh the droning on the pundits squabbling about what it all means with “in depth analysis” with less than 24 hours to have analysed it.

This is a gong show. Barely Legal is the name I would use for a political video about Dem operatives from every agency and “pillar”

Bread and circuses…



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