Schumer and McConnell Amendments to Open Government Both Fail in Senate….

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The McConnell (Republican) amendment to the appropriations bill which would have funded government, including funding for a border wall/fence, failed to pass the Senate.

One Democrat Senator (Joe Manchin) voted to support the republican plan.  Two Republicans (Mike Lee and Tom Cotton) voted against the Republican plan.

Next up…. The Chuck Schumer (Democrat) amendment to the appropriations bill, which would have funded government without including funding for a border wall/fence, also failed to pass the Senate.

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However, six republican senators joined the Democrats: Lamar Alexander, Susan Collins, Corey Gardner, Lisa Murkowski, Johnny Isakson and Mitt Romney.

No Democrats voted against their plan.

WASHINGTON — Six Republican senators crossed the aisle on Thursday to vote for a Democratic measure to end the 34-day government shutdown, but the proposal still failed.

The Democratic measure, which would have reopened federal agencies until Feb. 8 but provided no funding for a border wall, was defeated in a 52-44 vote. Moments earlier, the Senate also failed to advance a Republican spending measure proposed by President Donald Trump that would have provided $5.7 billion for his border wall in exchange for temporary protections for so-called Dreamers brought illegally to the country as children. (more)

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